Monday, June 27, 2011

Sewing extravaganza

Hey all!

I thought I'd catch you up on my latest sewing adventures.

First off, I made a blouse from a past patterns teens era pattern... (don't ask the number...) I bought some pale green material to make it up with. But we were having a cookout at my aunt's that weekend and I needed something to wear. I didn't want to use my good material since I knew I didn't have time to make it up properly. So I found this peach print and plain lining in my stash, and gave it a try. I LOVE IT!!! It's one of my favourite things in my wardrobe now!

Next though, I have to tell you how I made the piping around the collar, cuffs, and down the front.

On my, New to me, 1912, Mason Rotary treadle machine!!!

Isn't it great! It came with a box full of attachments! My favourites are the ruffler (seen above, on the machine) and of course, the piper! I can just see the CW dresses I'l create!! :D

Finally though, I can't sign off without showing you the quilt I'm working on.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Farm Life

A few months ago I left you with a cliffhanger post… And I’m afraid it’s still going to be. I’ve sadly become a bit of a perfectionist on it, and I want to take my time on it and make sure it’s good. :D
I figured though, that I’d catch you up on a few things that have been going on around our little farm. I am proud to say that it is now well on its way to becoming a working farm again!
As of a few weeks ago, this was our garden. There are peas, radishes, Onions, heirloom beans compliments of the G. family. ;D, and cabbages. Since then we have harvested the radishes and really need to get the peas up. We had a few terrible bouts of hail that did some serious damage to everything. The younger plants made it through okay, but the peas look terrible… And we’ve had a problem with things being way too dry… So we’ve been hauling water and struggling to make sure the newly planted things make it.

Look at the eerie mist that came up off the ice!!
But to me, every struggle is a learning experience. It’s such a wonderful feeling to work hard for something and finally reap the result of a full larder! I can’t wait to start canning and freezing!!
Now we have added Tomatoes, potatoes, sweet potatoes
Secondly are my new babies. There is no greater joy to someone who doesn’t have children around to enjoy, than watching animals grow.
These guys were so curious about my camera!!

They’re not quite full grown, they still peep. :D But it sure has been a pleasure to see them mature to this from the little fluff balls we bought back in late April. God’s creatures always amaze me. These little ones could "talk", and walk, and run, from the moment they hatched. Can you imagine what kind of instincts God put In them from the start? And with just a few words?

To say the least, these past few months have been an absolute blessing!! I know these opportunities I’ve had are teaching me to be the best wife and mother I can. Sometimes I still struggle to make myself get up in the morning, but once I do, and I can start doing my chores, everything just seems to get better.
Everything seems to be going right, especially true when my hands are dirty.
I have a few more posts in the works, and I hope to get them out to you in the next few days, if not it’ll be the next few weeks. You see, it’s a 30 minute drive to my library and with gas prices the way they are, we’re having to be really careful and stick close to home. I Really miss blogging and I can’t wait until I have internet at home again so I can catch up with everybody here!
Until then!! Much Love and Huggs!!
~ Meggie