Friday, December 31, 2010

New Blog and Update!

Hey Ya'll!

I wanted to let you know that this weekend has started off awesome! I was given a chance to go to a missions conference with Lady Weaver, up in the mountains. It's so amazing so far! Not only for the lessons, I'm following a "Women's only" Class schedule, (they had five or so classes you could chose from at one time) but for the people. It's so encouraging to be around people who, at a public restraunt, can talk openly about the Bible, and what God has done for them. It's not that people I know won't, it's that other subjects come up first. Yup.. it's sad either way you put it... So anyways... that's my weekend. :D More on that with pictures later.
Secondly, I started a new blog... yes another... But this one is more for my benefit. During the day, while watching home improvement shows, looking at magazenes such as Victoria, Going to Lowes, I keep looking at Doors, and Wallpaper, and kitchen cabinets and saying, "Now that's what I want in my Home of Dreams!" So I decicded to create an online portfolio for all my dream furnishing and of homes that give me inspiration.
or the beginings of it anyways....

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Very Merry Christmas!!!

Well Today may be it for the computer, So I wanted to stop in and wish you all a very Merry Christmas And I hope that you have a wonderful snowy day!

I hope that you remember, as you sit there opening gifts, who the real gift truly was.

I was thinking the other day what Christmas would be without Christ... well first off it would just be "MAS" (Or maybe "Must?" Must get that toy?")

And what Christmas is like today for those who Don't know Christ? Can you imagine Christmas without him? Without knowing what it's all about?

So Merry Christmas all!!! I love you so much!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A question for you!

Hello all! You'll have to excuse the formating on this post. I'm all cuddled up by the fire because there are a few inches of snow on the ground outside. :) Its a wonder for TN at this time of year. So I'm doing this from my phone. Meaning bad format and no pictures. But anyways. My question has to do with dry skin. Here in TN my skin is used to the hot sticky air of summer and come winter it gets so dry that it seems to suck all the moisture right out! For me the only thing that seems to work is to put a capfull of baby oil in my bath water. Now that poses a few problems. . . The least of which is keeping it out of my hair. The other is that it goms up the bathtub and makes things dangerously slippery. So does anyone have any good home/herbal remedies for dry skin? They would be greatly appreciated. :) ~ Much love Meggie Ps. If you asked me a question on an earlier post I promise I'll get to it but I'd rather do it from my computer. . . And there is no way to the library right now.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Quit Chuckin my wood!!

Okay so My Bestie Lady weaver asked me two questions.

First~ Do I have any songs that trigger memories?

Yup... Any time I hear anything from Lord of the Rings, or anything celtic actually, I can't help thinking of the wonderful years I spent wrapped up in those worlds with my best friends. (We were young okay? lol!)

hmm... I dunno, sometimes when I listen to something I'll go back to when I heard it last... but that usually means I'm transported from one place driving to another place... in the car... Does that make sense? OR I'll go by that spot and think of the song I was listening to when I went by.

Oh! And I used to be able to "Imprint" a book to a cd. Like Alasdair frasiers "Fire and Ice" with "Green rider" And every time I listen to that CD I'm back on a horse running from evil bad... people.. Meaning... I read the book and kept the cd going the whole time, and they'd just become part of one another. Make sense?

other question.. What is my Favourite blog?

You expect me to chose?

Um.... I LOVE Sarah Jane's Romantic History, Mrs. G. At Pastoral Symphony Farm, Emily at "A Beautiful life, Wearing History, Casey's elegant musings, I think those are it for my ABSOLUTE favs,but anything I've followed I like. :D

Next question?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

What would I say?

well, my first question was from Mrs. G.

How tall am I? Well... I'm gonna say about 5'3" I stepped on a height/ weight scale at Wonderworks, (A local science and oddities attraction) and it said I was 5'4" but my best friend is 5'4" and I'm shorter than her by a little.. but I'm taller than my mom at 5'2" so.... 5'3" it is. :D

The other question was,

What advise would I give to other Stay at Home Daughters?

Mostly Keep going! No matter what happens or who tries to intimidate you (purposely or not) or how bad you feel, keep your chin up and go on. God chose you for this calling, and that means he has faith that you can do it! So keep going, keep learning, and keep your head up. Know that you aren't alone, there are dozens of us out there, trying our best to get where God has put us.

And finally, be content, be content and do God's work no matter your marital status, no matter if you can knit or not. :D And no matter what anyone says..

I sorta repeated myself, but I can't stress it enough. God chose you, he has faith in YOU, So have faith that he knows what he's doing.

Friday, December 10, 2010

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas

Well my family and I have decided that we can decorate the house from top to bottom... but it just isn't Christmas without a tree...

Last year our Truck was down, we were sick, we were out of money.. and most of all our spirits were down, so the Sunday before Christmas, I went out and cut a spindly old cedar tree off the property.

That made it Christmas, not the presents, not the specials, and not the decorations.

Well this year we've been getting the "City Hall runaround" (My dad restores old buildings so.. we work for historical societies and city government a lot) We'll have money for presents and such later, and we have a truck this year... but we just couldn't get in a festive mood... So this time my Dad and I went out on the farm and cut a tree. We just couldn't wait any longer.

It's wonky, and it looks like it walked out of "Who-ville" but it's a tree. It's not half decorated, but it'll do.

Doesn't it just remind you of our King?

He could've been born in all this hype surrounding Prince William, and Kate Middleton, He could've had gold, and jewels, and rubies beyond value.

But he was born in a barn... Those of you who are farmers know what I'm talking about. Mud and dirt and poo and all sorts of nastiness. And he was born into a lowly carpenter's family. (I know what that's like... especially in hard times..)

He wasn't a posh, city tree, perfectly round and shapely, pre lit, and pre decorated, in fact unlike Da Vinci's interpretation, he was probably a plain ordinary man. He was a wonky, who-ville, country bumpkin, who was destined to save the world!

Much Love!


Have a look at the history of Christmas trees Here!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ask me!

Mrs. G. did this on her blog and I thought it would be fun.

it's simple, comment and ask me anything, anything you want to know, then I'll post and answer as best I can! Have at it!!
And by the way, make sure all your questions are clean and something you wouldn't mind God and your Grandmother hearing. In other words be nice. Anything that isn't will be deleted and you will be banned from my blog. Much Love~ Meggie

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New dress and thanks for the wishes

First of, I want to thank Lady weaver for posting that... I think this was the worst cold I've ever had, Achey and stuck in bed all week. But I'm better now so lets see if I can get back into the swing of things.

So here's photos of my new dress. they're not best quality, cause we didn't get home 'till really late Thanksgiving night. Enjoy!

Dress: Made by me Butterick B5281

Shoes: payless

Tights: kmart

Monday, December 6, 2010

A *cough* Update

Our Meg is sick as a dog at the moment...

Just a few days ago, we had our first decent conversation (i.e. four hours on the phone) in a long while. She was stuck at home, tied to some blankets and a rather comforting box of tissues - or so was my impression. 

So why she's on her way to recovery I thought I'd entertain y'all with a brief entomology and a question of the phrase "as sick as a dog." 

According to some authors, the phrase as sick as a dog was heard as early as 1705. It is quite possible that it was the invention of a phrase with no relevant meaning (unlike "the whole nine yards")... similar to the idea of being starstruck. Personally, this brings up the question how in the world can you be starstruck?... unless you're the unlucky chap who gets walloped by a chunk of molten rock from the skies. Others muse that the colloquialism came from either A. man's frequency around the animal led to the observation of how often it regurgitated or B. the negative linguistic connotation of "dog" (e.g. dog in the manger, dog tired, go to the dogs, etc.)

Apparently, American English has only version of the phrase while British English has numerous. "Sick as a... cat/horse/parrot" has been used over the years. The most interesting version of the phrase was used in 1731 by writer Johnathan Swift, "Poor Miss, she's sick as a cushion, she wants nothing but stuffing."

So my dear chickadees, here are my questions: how do you think the phrase originated? Can you think of any other colloquialism that you use constantly with no idea of the original entomology?