Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Miss Million's Maid~ A review

So I finally broke down and done it... I bought a kindle... I have found myself lacking in the liturature department, simply because, either my library didn't have it, or my bookstore didn't.

I love buying online, but I don't like to make it a habit. So when I discovered through This Post from Edwardian Promenade, that there was a Site that offered these books for FREE! I knew I had to check it out.

I tried reading them on my computer, but I found the eye strain to be too much... So I set them on hold... until yesterday.

a friend of ours loaned  us his while he went out of town, and while trying to download a book I realized we needed our own.... sooo

Enter Kindle!!

(yes that IS "Jo's Boys" one of the books my library didn't have)

But that's another story. I'm here to talk about a book I found in the above post. Miss Million's Maid.

This book is one of the best reads I've had in a while. It gives a true glimpse into 1910's London life.

Anyhoo, a brief synopsis,

Beatrice Lovlace is an orphan who lives with her aunt. Decended from a long line of well to do "Lovelaces" Aunt Anastasia cant get used to the fact that they haven't a penny, and does her best to make sure that Betrice does the same, and doesn't forget where she came from.

But that's about to change, when Betrice's only friend, the household maid Nellie Million Recevies a letter. Nellie has inherited a million dollars from her estranged uncle, who moved to America and struck it rich.

Nellie imeditely leaves her position, which is when Beatrice has an idea. She would become Miss Million's maid, and get out of her aunt's stuffy, stuck-in-the-past world.

But can she keep little "Million" out of trouble?

I HIGHLY reccomend this book! It's so sweet, and reading about the era from someone who lived in it is extremely refreshing. :D

So go read! (you can download it to your computer, my eyes just couldn't  take it..)


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just in Time, Personal Tea Service

Look what arrived in the mail from the English Tea Store Today! And just in time for my Annual bout with Larangitis... (boo.. but at least it wasn't on Easter like it usually is...)

Look how pretty my favourite tea (Twinnings Lady Grey) looks without the tea bag!
Ahhh! To sit down with a nice hot cuppa on an unseasonally cold day, to soothe a sore throat.

(notice my quilt in the background? I have one strip nearly all quilted! Woot!) Until Next time!
Ps, my Stay at Home Daughters Blog is now up and running again! go check it out!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oh I Could Write a Sonnet - A Downton Inspired Hat.

Well, the best part about Easter this year was getting the chance to delve a bit deeper into  some millinery.

I fell in love with this hat of Lady Mary's the moment I saw it, and after a peep through my hat collection realized I had a hat that I could remake to work.

Sadly I didn't get a before picture. It's been in my family for as long as I've been alive. It was my sister's first, then Marmee's.

The hat had a squared top to it, a straight band, and a plain piece of wide lace hot glued to it.

So first thing was first, I removed the band and wet it to reshape it.

Then, I  made my band of some... well some "I don't know" material... It's not quite a satin or silk, it doesn't shine so much, it's thicker and rougher. I just always called it "Wedding Dress fabric" I had them cut an 1/8 of a yard, then simply left it flodec in half and sewed down each side.  I then made a hand gathering seam crosswise at intervals that were supposed to be at each quarter round... I got close..

After gluing it on, I laid out the flowers and glued them. Finally I glued some satin ribbon round the brim to hide the seam on the hat.

And here you have it!
(These pictures were photoshopped into vintage frames, I'm not sure what the french says on the one, I just thought it looked pretty)

I love taking pictures on my grandparent's farm! Isn't this view lovely? I swear I'm going to paint it sometime!

And I'll just end this with this picture.
This is me and Grandmother. She tells me all about the flowers in her garden every time we come over. She's 86 now,and a member of the greatest generation.

PS. I will be holding a  giveaway here soon. I won't reveal what it's for yet. But I should like to have 60 followers first. :D (That's just two more!) So, tell you're friends!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oh I Could Write a Sonnet- Preview

Just thought I'd give you a sneak peek of what I'm working on today. My Easter photos look really great when "Old fashionized" But it sure takes a long time... So here's one that's done, the rest will come later! :D

Friday, April 6, 2012

A Stitch in Time

Well, My quilt top is finished!

(You can see my previous posts on this Here and Here )
A few days ago I put together the last piece and sewed it to the last strip.

I then began assembling the top. Strip after strip, seam after seam. It's the only part of the quilt that I sewed by machine. I figured as long as they were that it would give it a bit more strength and, well, take a lot less time!

It may have taken less time, but it sure felt like forever. Sewing on and on when all I wanted to do was sit and quilt (My favourite part!)

The first thing I did when I got my material was to cut the strips that went in between.  I highly reccomend this, if you cut your other pieces first, you'll either not have enough material, or you'll be piecing strips together, FOREVER!

I cut them exactly as per the directions in the book, and guess what? They were too short... So, after sewing everything, I had to piece extra length onto them, this went on by hand.

So, After two days of sewing Loooong strips, and an hour on the floor making patches, I'm ready to QUILT!!!

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Bit A-Scrubbin'~ Edwardian Style!

I've  recently discovered the bbc program "Edwardian Farm" (Above) and am absolutely LOVING it!

Unlike some of the other "House" and "Farm" Shows where they drop complete idiots back in time. This time they sent experts. Which really helps those of us who want to really learn about the times and not just "experience" it.

In the first episode, Ruth explains an Edwardian method for scrubbing the floor. Which is a two part method, Scrub, and Wipe.

Pick a tile (or a few) Scrub, and wipe. Repeat once, move on.

Well today I was at the hardware store and what did I happen to find? A Lovely wooden handled scrub brush! $4!

So I came home and decided to give the new method a go.

It works like a charm!

It's seriously labor intensive, so it's not for the faint of heart.  (And next time I'll be employing my gardening knee pad!)

But for spring cleaning it's GREAT! All those little spots of stuck grime that I haven't been able to get up for years are gone! 

I always love doing things the old fashioned way, I always feel more accomplished than when I grab the swiffer or microwave something.

And not to mention being a little closer to knowing what a real woman dealt with on an everyday basis.

I rather enjoyed being "Anna Smith-Bates" for the day. :D

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Loose talk!

Oh yes, it's THAT time again. Now that I'm back I wanted to find out who all was listening. (Pay no attention to that man on the poster. :D)

It's time for another COMMENT DRIVE!

Let me know what you're doing these days, What do you like about my blog? What do you hate? What would you like to see more of?

How about a giveaway? What would you most like to win (that I can make. :D)

Just talk to me! :D

(Picture from Pinterest)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Flea Market Finds

Around here it is a sunday tradition to hit the many local flea markets and antique stores, today was no different.

Today we headed out to one of the flea markets that we hadn't been to in a while.

After sorting through piles of junk, I was able to find something I've wanted for the longest time!

A picnic basket! With all the trimmings! The only thing missing was the plates, and those can be easily replaced.

How much, you ask? $10!!

I had recently decided on one that I found for $70 as the best price. Boy am I glad I waited!

The other thing I found was this adorable black hat. I believe it's more from the 1990's than anywhere earlier. Anyone have a clue?

But even so, the price was just right on it too! $1!

The only thing I had to pass up was a real deal parasol (not sure on the date, the seller said 1800's and it's possible.. but her didn't look like he knew his stuff.)

It was just $20 but that was more cash than I had at that moment.. :( But, maybe I can go back next weekend and try again.

I'm loving what I got this time!

What about you?

Do you enjoy garage saling and flea markets?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday

The story of Palm Sunday never ceases to amaze me.

Jesus Shows up in Jerusalem, humbly on a donkey, And is worshiped.

Everyone knows who he is, or so it seems.

Less than a WEEK later, those same people are screaming crucify him.


I still don't understand how the Son of God could be standing in front of you, and you not know it.

But then again we do it all the time don't we?

(Just a warning to keep you from playing too many awful jokes today. :)