Monday, April 2, 2012

Flea Market Finds

Around here it is a sunday tradition to hit the many local flea markets and antique stores, today was no different.

Today we headed out to one of the flea markets that we hadn't been to in a while.

After sorting through piles of junk, I was able to find something I've wanted for the longest time!

A picnic basket! With all the trimmings! The only thing missing was the plates, and those can be easily replaced.

How much, you ask? $10!!

I had recently decided on one that I found for $70 as the best price. Boy am I glad I waited!

The other thing I found was this adorable black hat. I believe it's more from the 1990's than anywhere earlier. Anyone have a clue?

But even so, the price was just right on it too! $1!

The only thing I had to pass up was a real deal parasol (not sure on the date, the seller said 1800's and it's possible.. but her didn't look like he knew his stuff.)

It was just $20 but that was more cash than I had at that moment.. :( But, maybe I can go back next weekend and try again.

I'm loving what I got this time!

What about you?

Do you enjoy garage saling and flea markets?