Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Fort" Rhymes With "Court" and "Sort."

ehem, well I'm sorry I'm a bit late on this, but we headed home quite suddenly. Anyways, an exciting day last Wednesday. :D

I didn't wand to tell you all until it was final. I woke up early on Wednesday morning, got picked up and taken to the local radio station! There I got to sing and talk about the fort!

You can find the whole thing here unfortunately it's not playing yet... *sniffle* but it'll be there.

After that we went out to the fort and started stacking. they laid poles up against the highest layer and pushed the logs up it into place. they used the mules with some of the heavier ones.

(ps the header has to do with my dad's partner... he said before I could go on the radio I had to have a fort song... so he started rhyming... his main one was "Wart". ;D )

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fort Business

Well! Hello!
We had a beautiful sunny day here today, the wind blew quite a bit, but it warmed up nicely!

Today we worked on the foundation and on the floor. You'll have to excuse my wording I'm exhausted. so here's some pictures of what we did today. :D

A Day for the Irish!

Well as I am nearly full blood Irish, this holiday must be treated in a likewise manner. :D Well actually if my dad could read this... he'd have a cow. I'm "Scot-Irish" from Northern Ireland. My people were Protestant and left Scotland because of (what else) Persecution. And so they made a little place in the north of Ireland and so as not to be confused called themselves the "Scot- Irish"

Well they found Ireland not much better, it being filled with Catholics. And so they came here and found the appalachians so much like home they settled here. And here we've stayed. :D

But I still enjoy my bit of Ireland wherever I can get it. :D

Anyways, In honor of the day, my Marmee gave me some green plaid material. An unsightly pollyester... but still! I decided to make a pencil skirt out of it.... but I decided to do it at 9:30 pm on St. Patrick eve.... So in my haste a lot went wrong... and those of you who have ever worked with a polly know you have to take your time. It was still wearable! Don't worry! but it needs a lot of work. I used an old curtain as a lining, (that's using my resources, eh?) and put two pleats in the front on top. But either the material or where I placed the pleats made it poof... but anyways, it needs some work.

Then for lunch, also in honor, I decided to make "Fish and Chips", but upon a loook in the freezer... we had no fish. So! My first experience with fried chicken had begun!

My dad came in for lunch with one of his workers, so dad was able to help. We were a little pressed for time so Dad helped me cut up the potatoes. Then we put them, a few at a time into a little pan of oil. They took forever at that rate. But once they and dad's boild chicken was done, I took my three little boneless pieces, dipped them in egg, and rolled them in "Spelt" flour.

I was tottally surprised a t how fast they cooked, at most two minutes later they were done!

And I had a perfectly wonderful St. Patricks Day lunch. :D

Now! To catch you up on what I'm doing right now! Can you guess? No, I'm sure you can't! I'm about to have a full WEEK in Costume!!! I'm all dressed up right now at our temorary residence.

We are a few hours from home in a little town in Kentucky. My dad does restoration work and he's been commisioned to rebuild an original pioneer, long hunter, Daniel Boone Style, fort! Right now we're doing one blockhouse, which is the two story, corner builing that is larger on top than on bottom.

He's been working on it steadily for months and now we're here in "Old Kaintuck" as I like to call it, Ready and rarin to go!

I'll update you all tonight with pictures of what's going on and more info. How's that sound? I'm excited about a whole week in full costume that I can be with my favorite bloggers!

Well until tonight!!! God Bless!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Will you be my Valentine?

Well Valentine just happens to be my family name, so on this particular holiday, one must go all out. :D I wore a beautiful new blouse made from the pattern mentioned not too long ago. I did

view "D" but instead of buttonholes, I put little blue ribbons down the front. Oh! and I made it from a blue rosebud material from my Marmee's stash. (Secret #52 as a huge "Little Women" fan... I have begun calling my mother "Marmee" Needless to say she loves it. :D)

Anyways, I was unable to take a picture of it because the last of my batteries died after I took pictures of this:

These are my Valentines Day cookies, that were enjoyed by my sunday school class. The recipe is a Loverly Lemon cookie from the Valentines issue of "Victoria"

They turned out absolutely fabulous! Nice and softly chewey. I highly reccomend the recipe! *Thumbs up*

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Letters From Home

My dearest bloggers,
Time and the economy seems to have taken hold on a body. Getting near a computer is getting more and more difficult. *Sniffle*

Wait, What?? No! No, no no. Don't worry!! I'm not leaving!!

Computer viruses seem to be about as prevalent and rampant as the flu these days. Every computer I've used or tried to use has come down with something... But! I've had an idea. Miss Lady Weaver has said I can send her letters via snail mail, written to you guys, and she will post them for me! So from now until times get better I will be your virtual pen pal. :D I have so much to say!! It has all been bottled up too long.

My latest projects all need pictures... I took none of them... So I'll get them to you in full explanation as soon as possible, along with beautifully handwritten letters for you to enjoy. :D

Love, your new penpal


(But you can call me Cordelia. ;D)