Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Letters From Home

My dearest bloggers,
Time and the economy seems to have taken hold on a body. Getting near a computer is getting more and more difficult. *Sniffle*

Wait, What?? No! No, no no. Don't worry!! I'm not leaving!!

Computer viruses seem to be about as prevalent and rampant as the flu these days. Every computer I've used or tried to use has come down with something... But! I've had an idea. Miss Lady Weaver has said I can send her letters via snail mail, written to you guys, and she will post them for me! So from now until times get better I will be your virtual pen pal. :D I have so much to say!! It has all been bottled up too long.

My latest projects all need pictures... I took none of them... So I'll get them to you in full explanation as soon as possible, along with beautifully handwritten letters for you to enjoy. :D

Love, your new penpal


(But you can call me Cordelia. ;D)