Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bright and Springy.

Well I'm excited. I had my first expeirience with "JoAnne's" yesterday. (Monday... yes I'm postdating this) It's like Heavan!!! And I found out that they're putting one in closer to home. Double yay!!

But the main reason I went was I needed material for a new dress. I wanted it light and springy. I had imagined yellow, but my skintone and yellow don't mix... So I sifted through patterns until I found the one I wanted. "New look 6699" You'll have to wait 'till it's done to see what I do with it.

But I found this beautiful green polka dot. And came home with two new patterns and two yards of it. :D (Lady Weaver you'll love the other one I got "New Look 6599")

Here's a preview. :D I have it all cut and I'm ready to sew. :D


Natasha Atkerson said...

CUTE! I'm gonna make a few summer dresses as well, although I'm going to adapt a "Pride and Prejudice" type dress, and shorten it, and a medeival one, as well as a modern one! Should be fun! can't wait to see how yours turns out!

Lady Weaver said...

Ooo! I do like it. A little here and a tad there and it'd be perfect!

Now to find a color and fabric (and a decent sewing machine...)

Are New Look's as big a pain as Simplicity? (Because Simplicity's are NEVER simple)