Saturday, July 31, 2010

My life in a Bubble

I can't count the nuber of times I have been accused of being "Sheltered." Stuck under the wings of my parents until I can't see all the cruel and aweful things the world holds. Some have been well and truely worried about me. Worried that when I step out into the REAL world, I won't know what to do or how to act.

But the truth is, I LOVE my Bubble! The further I venture into the world, the more I want to sink back into it.

People keep telling me how hard it is, how I'll never be able to cope with the truth. And maybe they're right.
People keep telling me that the world isn't mayberry anymore, NOTHING is black and white.

Do you ever just get so tired of what PEOPLE tell you? From where I sit, I CAN see what the world is. God never promised us that things would be easy. But he DID promise us everything would be alright.

The Bible Says our Righteousness is as filthy rags! The GOOD stuff we do looks like that paper towel after you clean the outsides of your house windows! Yuck! And if that's what our good stuff looks like, imagine what the bad looks like!

So that in a nut shell is what I can see from inside my bubble. I watch TV, I listen to the Radio, and the truth is, I'd rather turn it all off and sink into my nice coushy bubble.

I sound like I'm ranting, don't I? But the fact is, I'm about to tell you the best part. My Bubble isn't my parents, although they help me immensely! My Bubble insn't my bedroom with my Jane austen books and my nice feather pillow. My Bubble is a sturdy, tender, embrace of the promises of God!

He solemnly promised me he would never leave me or forsake me! We hear that all the time, but isn't it wonderful. Anything and everything we face, he's there. Not just behind us, or beside us, but Surrounding us! ehem... like a bubble. :D Just like he did for Joshua, and Gideon, and David, so will he do for you. He offers to take your problems off your hands, just like he does your righteousness.

And just like he took your sin.

God's bubble of promises give me the strength to walk out into the world and face those fithy dirty evil things this world has to offer, and it gives me a fliffy coushy pillow to fall back on at the end of the day.

The footprints poem says "It was then I carried you" in those dark and trying times, So when things get hard, pick up your feet and let him!

That bubble can help keep you from getting dirty and hurt by the craziness of the world.
So those of you who aspire as I do to God's will in Proverbs 31 should Stick with our bubbles!

Love you girls!
And stick with Him!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Dala - Levi Blues

I recently discovered this group on a pbs special called "Girls from the North Country" and I instantly fell in love with them! Their indy sound is gentle and sweet... and well, Just watch!!

Love and Huggs!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

What I've been up to.

This week has been rather busy.

Friends over, parties. This summer has been AMAZING! One of the best yet, I'll say.

But! moving on, here's a few of the projects I have been working on.

A few weeks ago, I spent quite a few days out in the summer heat in long skirts picking blackberries. And might I say, I found out very quickly that Blackberries are a lot more dangerous than strawberries! lol.

But yesterday, mom finally had time to help me make jam out of them.

Sorry for the quality on this one....

And long story short Voile! Six sparkling yummy jars of jam ready to eat.... and boy we went haywire for breakfast this morning!!! We made bisquits for with Dad's flour (spelt) and well.... I don't think we have any left! lol.

Next though, I rearanged my room and have started decorating a bit. I've started taking down the medieval fantasy things and putting up more of my Victorian.

It all looked so quaint and old fashioned when I was done that I had to show it off!

My endtable here is one of those with a cloth cover and a glass top... you can get them practically anywhere. For a while I've had some medieval things under the glass, but yesterday, I printed some pictures I had saved back, simply for inspiration, and with that and some of the flowers I pressed this spring I have a new inspiring table!

It's so nice to look up at night when I'm reading and see all these pretty victorian pictures!

I'm going to print more and put them in frames around my room. and I'm hoping to get some new prints from garage sales soon.

Well! There's more to come, I'm at the library for a good long time today.

Love and Huggs!!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Some Splainin

Well it seems I have missed Anne week.... *Cries*

I have been putting together posts and getting ready, but just couldn't get near the internet...

So here I am! At the library.. finally, but with no time to post them all... I will though!

Here's a sneak preview.

Anyways, life is going along loverly!

Our youth has decided to host another "Old timer's day" at the end of August. Well that set my mind Reeling! At first I wanted a new Edwardian dress, but instead (and to save on doing that AND this) I chose to do a Civil war dress, and do it as authentically as possible. I had already contacted the lovely folk at the Sense and Sensibility pattern forum about Simplicity 7212 which I own, but after deliberation decided to go wit their suggestion of Simplicity 4551 I ordered my material from Abraham's lady, the "Pink-red Rose" (it came today!!! yays!!), and well now I'm here to order the pattern.

And Marmee's waiting so I better get back to it.

Love and huggs!!!!


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sunday style

okay so this was a few Sundays ago (member what I said about Dad taking the camera to kentucky??)

Anyways, this hairstyle was a little bit regency inspired. with the two ribbons.

It was also to help keep my tucked short hair up.

I was surprised it didn't all fall out!!

But anyways here ya go!!

(note the bare feet)