Thursday, December 27, 2012

Corset Challenge; The Rest of the Week.

Well, I ended up making it 3 out of seven days in the corset challenge. It doesn't sound like much, but I think it was a start. It's most definitely something I'm going to try again. The main reasons for quitting were lack of outfits and Christmas rush. 

No one wants to be stuck in a un-used to corset while shopping and crawling around on the floor wrapping gifts.  

But I do feel that those three days were a complete success! The day pictured here was a work day, cleaning the mill from top to bottom and helping dad all day. I felt completely comfortable all day, even while sweeping and lifting. (note: losing the modern undergarment fixed ALL the problems!) 

I did wear my apron, but by the time I took these pictures it was absolutely filthy! 

On day three, I wore pretty much the same outfit as in day one, but I switched to my pink shirtwaist. 

I'll be trying this again some time in the next few months and we'll see how it goes. 

Things to change: 
  • Make new slips. Mine is two sizes too small, and tattered... 
  • Add in a few new spring-time dresses
  • perhaps make a supportive upper garment, such as these: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 
My plans are for This dress in the next few weeks. Past patterns has one that's nearly identical. And I've found a material I like from Joann's, the plaid's rather smaller, but I think it'll do. 

So do please stay tuned. And do comment! I love hearing from you, and it's so encouraging to me and makes me want to keep writing! 

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Seven Day Corset Challenge

So, yesterday I had an Idea. After having read an article refuting the "Corsets are bad" myth, And highlighting the health benefits, (which I can't for the LIFE of me find right now!) I decided to give it a go. Seven days, all day, corset submersion course. :D

Today's outfit was a simple everyday one. My mint green blouse and brown cotton skirt. And My Edwardian apron.

I'm going to admit that today was miserably uncomfortable. When I first put it on, it was much too loose, so I took it off, laid it flat and adjusted it. Only I must have made it too tight, but I didn't realize it until later, and I had too much to do to take the time to fix it. That WILL be solved tomorrow.

Secondly, I have what my family tends to call the "Benson Back" after the family line that it comes from, aka "Curvature of the spine," so Sitting up straight has been an adjustment. I had to bring in a hard chair from the kitchen to use in the living room now.

Thirdly, because of a lack of proper supporting undergarments, I always pair my modern bra with my corset... Big mistake today... There is a bone, just in the wrong place, that tends to push the under-wire in said bra irritatingly against me... Not cool. So adjustments will be made on that score tomorrow as well.

I had lots of housework to do today, so I rather wish I had taken the time to make these adjustments. The day would have been a lot more comfortable...

Monday, December 10, 2012

Also Introducing, Darling

Hello Everyone! 
I'm Darling! (But you knew that just by looking at me! Haha!) 
Aunt Meggie Says I'm going to be here a lot, just like my Cousin "Little Bit." 

Guess what? My birthday was yesterday! The first one I ever had! 
And These pictures are from an amazing photoshoot Aunt Meggie had with Me and My Cousin. She's going to show them all to you REAL soon! 

I've made some real accomplishments this year; I'm learning to toddle! And I can wave and say Hi! 


I can't wait for you to get to know me! I'm a great Kid! 

Note from Meggie: My "R" button seems to be sticking tonight, so forgive any mistakes. Thanks and God Bless!