Monday, December 17, 2012

The Seven Day Corset Challenge

So, yesterday I had an Idea. After having read an article refuting the "Corsets are bad" myth, And highlighting the health benefits, (which I can't for the LIFE of me find right now!) I decided to give it a go. Seven days, all day, corset submersion course. :D

Today's outfit was a simple everyday one. My mint green blouse and brown cotton skirt. And My Edwardian apron.

I'm going to admit that today was miserably uncomfortable. When I first put it on, it was much too loose, so I took it off, laid it flat and adjusted it. Only I must have made it too tight, but I didn't realize it until later, and I had too much to do to take the time to fix it. That WILL be solved tomorrow.

Secondly, I have what my family tends to call the "Benson Back" after the family line that it comes from, aka "Curvature of the spine," so Sitting up straight has been an adjustment. I had to bring in a hard chair from the kitchen to use in the living room now.

Thirdly, because of a lack of proper supporting undergarments, I always pair my modern bra with my corset... Big mistake today... There is a bone, just in the wrong place, that tends to push the under-wire in said bra irritatingly against me... Not cool. So adjustments will be made on that score tomorrow as well.

I had lots of housework to do today, so I rather wish I had taken the time to make these adjustments. The day would have been a lot more comfortable...


Mrs. V. said...

How very interesting! I've never worn a corset, but I do sing the praises of the "modern day" support garments! They do give you a more secure feeling and, as a lady, who wants to be jiggling here and there like us females are apt to do, lol? It's been a few days, how are things going with the corset now?

Essie DeWayne said...

I love the idea, but I am Laura to your Mary. :)
I don't even wear a bra, much less a corset! I admire your fortitude though. No one could wrangle this girl into a corset!

Avonlea_dreamer said...

Haha, Thanks to both of you!

I forgot to take pictures but I lasted several days. Then the comings and goings of Christmas made me have to back out... But it IS something I will be doing again in the future. :D AND going all seven days!