Friday, October 29, 2010

40 Followers GIVEAWAY!

Well the other day I jumped on, on my phone to find that I have 40 official followers! (41 now!) How exciting! And that doesn't include those who aren't official followers that still read!

So in thanks to all of you lovely, wonderful people, I'm going to give you something! (Well a chance at something anyways...)

If you are a long time follower you may remember my post on this lovely beret.

Did you like it? Well you can have one in whatever color you want! Plus a scarf to match! The scarf is super long (At least to this short person) and has a fringe at the edge, the beret will be made out of a soft novelty or baby yarn, and has pretty ribbing down it.

To enter, Simply comment here with the color you would like to have it in! (You may enter even if you don't have a blogger account, just leave me some way to contact you!)

For a second entry, Post about it on your blog and in a separate comment leave me a link to it!

So please go ahead and enter! You will have two weeks, (Maybe three if I can't get back in time)

I can't wait to get started on it!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Let's get caught up! casual wear, and butterick 4790

Hello my Girlies!!


I'm sorry if this seems rushed... but I've been at the Library for two hours and I'm sure mom will be back any moment... plus I'm hungry so I'm going to go down to the cafe and eat here pretty soon.

Anyways, I just wanted to post a few pictures, #1 of my new fifties dress, (My first). From butterick 4790 . My only caution with this pattern is, they haven't adjusted the sizes to modern measurements.... either that or I'm just not used to butterick. I mistakenly cut out a size 8 and it was waaaaaaay to small. So I drafted the piece across my stomack. it does okay, but I can't run or go fast or the front pieces of the skirt indecently flip open.. :z

But I love it and will probably make this dress again... in a larger size...

Secondly I want to show a little of my "Casual" fashion. I LOVE men's clothes for casual/ work days. They're modest, comfy, and can be pretty when worn right.

Shirt: Thrifted

Jeans: old worn out, had since 7th grade... from Wal-mart??

Shoes: payless.. old, worn out.. but I think they still have them.. strangely..

And there you go! Comfortable modest and pretty!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Blog!

I realized recently that not only do I need encouragement, but so do you! Stay at home daughters are not so few and far between as I used to think.

So I have created a place where we can come together, fellowship in Christ, Share tips and recipes, and most of all encouragement.

This will be centered for girls ages 15- 30, who are living at home and preparing to be helpmeets and mothers. But it isn't ONLY for us. If you are above that age or are already married, but once were a stay at home daughter, I'm sure we'd love to hear from you too! Sometimes all ho

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Recently... (This is a rant! Viewer discresion may be advised)

Recently, while talking to people under the age of twenty I have been told;

  1. Being around drugs and alchohol isn't all that bad
  2. When me and my boyfriend have sex...
  3. I coudn't make it to church, I had to work (Or even better) My mom didn't wake me up.

  4. @#$@#%# (Potty mouth anyone??)

And there are pleanty more where this came from.

Have you ever felt like just SHAKING people and screaming "DON"T YOU GET IT!?"

For those of us that understand, it all comes so simply! Drugs and alchohol are bad because they impare your judgment and even stupider things come of it.

Sex is for marriage, nuff said.

Church is more important than sleep because well, GOD is more important than sleep.

Recently it has come to light that fewer people than I ever thought don't understand this like I do.

Have you ever run into people like this? Of course you have...

How do you deal?

Especially since last night a #2 came from a girl who recently turned 14! And hadn't been a virgin for a YEAR AND A HALF!!!!

This is purely REDICULOUS! What are we teaching our kids anyomore? anything? Doesn't seem so from where I'm sitting.

So I'm coming to you dear readers... for advise.

How do you tell these people this is wrong? Especially without turning new believers away forever. Without making people think you're holding up a sign saying "No Sinners Allowed."

I'm running out of words... and courage. I'd love to hear scripture, stories of what YOU have been through, and pleanty of encouragement.

I can now read your comments from home, So please, PLEASE do!

Keep your prayers and your Emails and comments coming!

Love and Huggs


Monday, October 4, 2010

Thanks for the wishes!

I want to Thank Ya'll so much! First off for those of you who wrote! It is the Highlight of my day to get your emails!
Secondly for all the Lovely birthday wishes!!

Especially from my dear freind, Miss Weaver!

I had such a wonderful day! It was quiet and peacefull I had made a dress, from McCalls 5923 (Picture doesn't do it credit) and a really soft cottony material. (Don't know what to call it!! :/ )

But I wore it all day, While I cleaned the living room no less!! (This dress works very well with a pinny! {apron})

Anyways, then we went to a friend's cammpsite and just enjoyed ourselves all evening!

Then saturday we went to an auction all day where I got pleasantly... burnt.. (Not as bad as my Marmee though!! ) But on the way back we stopped at Sonic for ice cream where I had a birthday root beer float!

But wonderful wonder of wonders, that night as we lounged on the couch, tired as we were, who should pull up but my sister! She's my dad's daughter, and is 19 years older than me, and we hadn't seen her since christmas. But the best part was that she is officially 200 lb LIGHTER! She's been heavy as long as I've known her, and had a surgery last year and lost every bit!!

Now for the best part, Sunday I rededicated my life to the Lord... Big time.. And I'm going to be Baptised probably at the end of October. (Just never had the opportunity to do it before)

So here begins my journey. My youth and I have a fire under us.. and I believe we're about to put our little church on the map! Pray for us in this, pray that the Lord will keep us on track and keep us moving, and more importantly GROWING! Pray especially for me to stay where He wants me to be so I can do for Him what I may never have dreamed.

That's most important, but I have a few other resolutions.

#1 I'm going to completely change out my waredrobe by the time I turn 20. (one year) I'm going to get rid off all the ill fitting things I've had since 6th grade and make/ buy things that I WANT to wear. JoAnnes had a HUGE pattern sale two weeks running a while back and I got myself a great start! Including a great pull over your head and go, 50's dress.

secondly, I want to get the house entirely TIDY, and keep it that way. I've already got a head start on it, starting in the Living room. (Pictures to follow later.. )

And lastly, By the time I'm 20, I want to have taken over at least one household chore, ENTIRELY.. we'll see how that goes... Marmee has this policy of "It's my kitchen GET OUT!!" So we'll see. :D

Anyways, thank you all again! And I'm hoping to have internet again very soon, and be able to come back, full swing. I've ideas for Giveaways, an etsy store, and of course many many more posts!

Keep in touch!

OH! And if I do host a giveaway,what would you like to see me give?



Friday, October 1, 2010


Hey guys! It's Lady Weaver from Wanderlust Requiem. Today is Meg's 19th birthday. As I am nearly 4 hours away (and have no way to deliver this personally), I had this brilliant idea - I would leave her a little note on her own blog... that way I could share her special day with you!

So leave her a little note of your own today!


My dearest Ann (with an “e”),

Formal Progressive Dinner -  Feb 2008

It’s your 19th birthday today. I’m sorry I can’t drive my way home to surprise you! So I suppose this will have to suffice. (plus I wanted an excuse to pirate your blog… mwhuhahahahahahaha)

How many years have I known you at this point? 14? We’ve been together for a long time :)  It’s funny how we were worst enemies in K5. I’m so happy that it’s not the case now. Remember all the silly little memories?

Fabulous is fabulous, daaaahling. - Oct 1998

One of my favorite parties ever was the one where your aunt (was it your aunt?) that brought us all those vintage outfits to play dress up. Actually, birthdays at your place were always the best – like the time we stayed in Mother Kaye’s Cabin.

At Biltmore - Oct 2009

Almost all of my favorite memories have you in them – sorghum festivals, sleepovers in the winter, “Knight Hawks” banquets, random picnics in the woods, funny trips… I hope that these aren’t the last either. (In fact, you should come down and visit me! I think we have a Scot-Irish festival coming up sometime soon. *nudge nudge, wink wink*)

So I thought I’d let you know that I love you, and I’ve been thinking and praying for you.  Happy 19th birthday, my dearest Meg. I wish you many, many more.

Take a picture of taking a picture? :) - Oct 2009

Your Diana

Out to the great unknown, hand in hand, together forever. - 1998