Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Let's get caught up! casual wear, and butterick 4790

Hello my Girlies!!


I'm sorry if this seems rushed... but I've been at the Library for two hours and I'm sure mom will be back any moment... plus I'm hungry so I'm going to go down to the cafe and eat here pretty soon.

Anyways, I just wanted to post a few pictures, #1 of my new fifties dress, (My first). From butterick 4790 . My only caution with this pattern is, they haven't adjusted the sizes to modern measurements.... either that or I'm just not used to butterick. I mistakenly cut out a size 8 and it was waaaaaaay to small. So I drafted the piece across my stomack. it does okay, but I can't run or go fast or the front pieces of the skirt indecently flip open.. :z

But I love it and will probably make this dress again... in a larger size...

Secondly I want to show a little of my "Casual" fashion. I LOVE men's clothes for casual/ work days. They're modest, comfy, and can be pretty when worn right.

Shirt: Thrifted

Jeans: old worn out, had since 7th grade... from Wal-mart??

Shoes: payless.. old, worn out.. but I think they still have them.. strangely..

And there you go! Comfortable modest and pretty!


Anonymous said...

Awwwww. you and your dress are *so* CUTE!!! Can you adopt me as your little sister who really wants.. er.. needs... one just like yours?????? Say yes please!
Honestly, you are a exellent seamstress with very pretty tastes!!
I'm sorry I'm late to comment. I have not been online in 2 or 3 months.. our computer crashed... :(
I love reading what you write, thanks

Avonlea_dreamer said...

Hahaha! Well Im an only child so siblings are welcome! LOL! Christmas is coming up soon you know... Ugh I hate computers... I've been using my phone and the library for nigh on a year now... Well okay thats cause at&t started double charging us...

Anonymous said...

Hahaha back again! You make me smile!
I'm sorry you are an only child, I thought you had at least a few brothers, not sure what I was thinking, I probably just wasn't, how's that? lol!
I thought your "comfy" outfit (the plaid shirt and jeans) was pretty too! I just don't like these skinny pants nowadays, do you?
Christmas *is* coming up. I know.. I still have Birthday things to do *sigh*, I'm never gonna make it....
I hope you'll do more dresses soon, tho' it is a little chilly here for 50's things anymore, I still love this dress you did, snow, or not! And wish I had one too! I don't really hate computers, but you are right bills are a racket, we left At&T, they were ripping us off big time, we went to another company, but it's still a racket! I've never gone to our library's computer, I hear the sped is fast though!
And I don't even know how to use a Iphone either
Yeah, I'm wierd!
lotsalove to you Meggie, stay warm!
p.s. what do you want Santa to bring you this year???? *wink*

Avonlea_dreamer said...

Yea I wish I had more siblings... I have a half sister but she's 20 years older than me. So I just "Adopt" new ones! Lol! Oh gosh I hate modern jeans! Those in the pic are just old and wore in. I got two new pair early this summer and I just can't wear 'em. They are tigher after washing and ride down something aweful! So I'm slowly filtering over to skirts full time. Right now I'm wearing the first jean skirt I've bought since I left my private school 3 years ago. (I homeschooled for 2 years after that) but anyways marmee picked it out and the pockets are too big so its a little unflattering, but it'll do for work days. I know our library's is! But no I've got a straight talk phone from wal-mart... It has internet, but just barely... *Sits on santa's lap* well I want a pony and a firetruck and a super my-size delux barbie princess castle... *Keeps babbling* hahaha! Just kidding. Oh I'm not sure... I just like things old fashioned lol! We'll see what we can put together before Christmas. :D

Anonymous said...

Well, I can send you some of my siblings, I've got lots I could share *smile*..... I guess I knew you had a half sister, I must have forgotton, is she on your dads side, or your moms? Do you mind me asking? I'd love it if you adopted me, I wish I had an older sister, I always wanted on!
I feel the same about modern jeans, even though I can't wear them.. The last pair of pants I owned was a Carhart pair from my brother, they were *tough*! And I just hate it when you buy clothes and they shrink after washing.... Enough to make me swear out loud!
It's SO hard to find flattering skirts, I feel your pain, check Ebay, they have some wonderful jean skirts the kind that make you say "oh, if only *I* had some free cash around now" kinda skirts!!!!
I feel the same about our home internet, we have it, but barely!
"awwww, you want a pony sweetie"?? Ok, santa will bring you one!
Oh, your'e just kidding?
honestly though, I really like old fashioned things too, but I want a few country cd's I think..
It'll be more like "lets see what I CAN'T get done before christmas" for me
See ya!

Avonlea_dreamer said...

Okay! I adopt you! LOL! And Jannelle is my dad's daughter. I talked a little about her in my birthday post. She recently lost about 200lbs! I know I have a few big things on my list but I won't be dissapointed if I don't get them. Who's you favourite country artists? I'm a pretty big fan myself. Lady A. Reba, Josh Turner, Carrie Underwood... And more... And I agree I have more on my give list than on my want list! And its all handmade! By the by you don't know where I could get instructions for homemade ornaments and other decorations? Do you have any you and your family make?

Anonymous said...

Wow, youre fast! I didn'r expect my comment to be approved so soon!
Yay, i'm now your sister, what shall we do first? go on a trip to the CMA next year? go to concerts togeather? Reenact?
I have had a horse on my list since I was born.. never got it, not even for my Majic Age birthday...... Who's my favorite artist?
Josh Turner, belive it or not! and I'm not currently allowed to listen to Taylor Swift, but I really like her, I want to branch out, I have so few country songs, but my folks don't like it, so thats hard to get more....
all the ones you listed were on my "to listen to" list! We're so alike aren't we?
I'll ask about ornaments, my mom would probably know.... We don't make any ourselves, but we do have a tree, mom has always been into victorian looking glass ones...
i'd love to knit you something for christmas, but that wasn't on your santa list, I can't knit a barbie house can I???? do you want a opera hood?
I can't promise anything, and I'm sorry, my lifes crazy around holidays, but I could try!
gotta go now
love and kisses from

Anonymous said...

Oh, I do make homemade decorations, (forgot to mention it tho)like pine branches, arrangements etc....does that help?
love you lots, TTY next week I hope
love Kate

Avonlea_dreamer said...

Haha! We must have been online at the same time! Lol! Hmm... I suppose we must do simply everything! Lol! I used to listen to taylor a lot... But she kinda got tiring after a while. Whats your favorite Turner song? I've got two "Why don't we just dance" and "longer the waiting sweeter the kiss" an unknown Irishy song from, I think, his next to latest album. And don't worry my dad doesn't like country either. He always hates if something has too much electric guitar... Oh I love knitted things! And I know things here get crazy so if we're late we'll just have Christmas in February or something! LOL! And yes I started that last year with the old fashioned pine boughs and holly, so I'll probly do that again. :) I'd love to hear anything you find out!