Friday, October 29, 2010

40 Followers GIVEAWAY!

Well the other day I jumped on, on my phone to find that I have 40 official followers! (41 now!) How exciting! And that doesn't include those who aren't official followers that still read!

So in thanks to all of you lovely, wonderful people, I'm going to give you something! (Well a chance at something anyways...)

If you are a long time follower you may remember my post on this lovely beret.

Did you like it? Well you can have one in whatever color you want! Plus a scarf to match! The scarf is super long (At least to this short person) and has a fringe at the edge, the beret will be made out of a soft novelty or baby yarn, and has pretty ribbing down it.

To enter, Simply comment here with the color you would like to have it in! (You may enter even if you don't have a blogger account, just leave me some way to contact you!)

For a second entry, Post about it on your blog and in a separate comment leave me a link to it!

So please go ahead and enter! You will have two weeks, (Maybe three if I can't get back in time)

I can't wait to get started on it!


Lady Helen Mar said...

Oh lovely!! Hm, I would have to say cream because I seem to wear a lot of browns and creams. Have fun and good luck to all!
Through Christ,

Lady Weaver said...

Black or any color really. Looooooooove hats and scarves (so I couldn't pass this chance up).

Btw, I miss you muches. <3

beast'sbelle said...

Thanks for offering this, Meggie! :) I'd love red, because it's one of my favorite colors and I wear it a lot. Congrats on 41 followers! :)

Anonymous said...

OOOOO yes, count me in!
I'd like (if I win of course) a deep navy blue, as it will go with my cloak I'll be doing! It will also go with my hood too I hope!
Thanks, and congrats!

meeyeehere said...

I am a new follower and I like silver a whole lot!!That would be pretty a grey or silver! Thanks for this chance!Happy Halloween

Polka Dot said...

Ooh! I love berets. :-) I would love one in pink.

Mrs. G said...

I'd love a chance to win something that I didn't have to make! I like heather tones. :-)
Mrs. G

Civil Folks said...

How sweet of you to make this wonderful gesture of a give-away! If I win, black will suit the warm cloak that I wear all Winter long.

Blessings to you.