Monday, October 4, 2010

Thanks for the wishes!

I want to Thank Ya'll so much! First off for those of you who wrote! It is the Highlight of my day to get your emails!
Secondly for all the Lovely birthday wishes!!

Especially from my dear freind, Miss Weaver!

I had such a wonderful day! It was quiet and peacefull I had made a dress, from McCalls 5923 (Picture doesn't do it credit) and a really soft cottony material. (Don't know what to call it!! :/ )

But I wore it all day, While I cleaned the living room no less!! (This dress works very well with a pinny! {apron})

Anyways, then we went to a friend's cammpsite and just enjoyed ourselves all evening!

Then saturday we went to an auction all day where I got pleasantly... burnt.. (Not as bad as my Marmee though!! ) But on the way back we stopped at Sonic for ice cream where I had a birthday root beer float!

But wonderful wonder of wonders, that night as we lounged on the couch, tired as we were, who should pull up but my sister! She's my dad's daughter, and is 19 years older than me, and we hadn't seen her since christmas. But the best part was that she is officially 200 lb LIGHTER! She's been heavy as long as I've known her, and had a surgery last year and lost every bit!!

Now for the best part, Sunday I rededicated my life to the Lord... Big time.. And I'm going to be Baptised probably at the end of October. (Just never had the opportunity to do it before)

So here begins my journey. My youth and I have a fire under us.. and I believe we're about to put our little church on the map! Pray for us in this, pray that the Lord will keep us on track and keep us moving, and more importantly GROWING! Pray especially for me to stay where He wants me to be so I can do for Him what I may never have dreamed.

That's most important, but I have a few other resolutions.

#1 I'm going to completely change out my waredrobe by the time I turn 20. (one year) I'm going to get rid off all the ill fitting things I've had since 6th grade and make/ buy things that I WANT to wear. JoAnnes had a HUGE pattern sale two weeks running a while back and I got myself a great start! Including a great pull over your head and go, 50's dress.

secondly, I want to get the house entirely TIDY, and keep it that way. I've already got a head start on it, starting in the Living room. (Pictures to follow later.. )

And lastly, By the time I'm 20, I want to have taken over at least one household chore, ENTIRELY.. we'll see how that goes... Marmee has this policy of "It's my kitchen GET OUT!!" So we'll see. :D

Anyways, thank you all again! And I'm hoping to have internet again very soon, and be able to come back, full swing. I've ideas for Giveaways, an etsy store, and of course many many more posts!

Keep in touch!

OH! And if I do host a giveaway,what would you like to see me give?




Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like you had a wonderful day, on my birthday I spent my time planting potatoes in a thunderstorm getting muddy and rained on, and baking my own birthday cake. *grins*.. I love, love, love your new dress.... I hope you do get internet SOON; and I want you to do a giveaway too, I *know* I'll enter if I can get online when you do one... I'l ponder what I'd like most to see you giveaway, and let you know..
you are in my thoughts a lot these days

Anonymous said...

Ugh, this is what happens when I try to do 50 things in 5 seconds. Sorry, I wanted to tell you how nice I thought your "19th Year of Goals" was!!
I'm not even brave enough to try to clean our whole house and stay up with it, you *totally* GO girl!!!!
What do you want your new wordrobe to consist of? I love your idea and I wish I could do the same thing. I hope you do more cw dresses too, you are *so* beautiful in the one you did.... Are you planning on more "Anne Inspired Dresses"?????
Let us know how this goes, I love reading your blog, what will you plan sell on etsy? Sorry I asked so many questions.. Hope I don't overwhelm you too much
Best Wishes !!!!!!

Avonlea_dreamer said...

Nope not overwhelmed! I love hearing from you! I Have lots of goals for my waredrobe. Cw deffinately! Along with Regency, vintage 30s, 40s, and 50s, and most deff pleanty of "Anne" style dresses. (All 3 movies) As for etsy I'd probably sell some dresses as I grow and change. But I do a lot of yarn works, hats and scarves and such. And Marmee has a lot of little homemade items. Bonnets and aprons, and little household Items.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I love reading your blog in turn... I have losta goals for my own wordrobe too, but I think you'll beat me hands down by what you do... I don't sew much for myself...
I'm learning to knit, and you encourage and inspire me *so* much!
Thanks again

Avonlea_dreamer said...

Well, I gotta say, I've been back-reading your mom's blog recently and you and your family hold so much inspiration for me! It must be fun to have such a big family!