Monday, November 1, 2010

Right or wrong?

Lying, stealing, and murder are wrong. (among other things)
Helping, Giving, and patience, are good. Right?
We’ve known this to be true since the moment we walked out of the 5 and dime with that gumball we didn’t pay for and our mothers made us openly take it back.
As we grow older and more things of the world, more sinful instincts, are revealed, right and wrong aren’t always spelled out. There is a very fine line in some cases between good and bad, and finding it isn’t always easy. Especially for us young folk, just stepping into the world on our own.
For instance, wearing dresses to church, singing in the choir, teaching classes. When is this following what we believe is what the Lord wants? And when is it simply showing off?
This is something God wants us to find out for our selves. You can’t open the Bible to the book of "First Meggie" and it say, "On the third Sunday she sang" Nor Does God open up the clouds and bonk you on the head for wearing jeans. (at least not anymore…)
The answer itself is simple. Your attitude. If you Jump up, Grab a microphone and sing at the top of your voice so that everyone comes up to you and says how wonderful you are… needless to say it’s for the wrong reasons.
And yet if you take on the ten year old Wednesday night bus kids simply because you know they need Jesus, then I’d say you were on the right track.
Now here is my dilemma.
When is standing up for the Lord a good thing, and when is it simply pouring wind?
I recently got into an argument with my aunt (a sixty year old self professed "Hippie") when she posted an article on her facebook against a theocratic government. Personally I believe the Baptists and the Methodists and the Catholics should have no part in government, But I KNOW God should take hold of it and shake it to it’s knees. (I usually put it that there should be a separation of "Church" and state, but not "God" and state.)
I simply stated to her that I’d rather God were in control than who we have now. And she jumps up and begins ranting on how we have no right to keep two men from marrying or to keep a girl with "Modern Ideals" from "Making a choice"
Well I won’t go further on the details but that I don’t like to argue, and yet I was, and that it was long, drawn out and painful. I hated fighting with her. She’s my Aunt, and I love her, but I cannot stand for someone to slander God in any way. (And she’s a professed "Born Again Believer"… thought she drinks, smokes and most likely hasn’t been to church in my lifetime)
Halfway through landed on a Sunday, so I asked my youth, (including our preacher’s wife) advise on it. I had gotten a reply that morning and was so shook up I couldn’t stand it.
Our youth rep (a girl of 16) jumped up in arms about it, but Mrs. Becky, the preachers wife, told me I shouldn’t be arguing with my aunt.
So when is it good to stand for the Lord and when is it just arguing?
I feel like my attitude was right. (No brag, just fact) I felt for some reason Like I had to say something, to keep God’s law from becoming a doormat.
And that is just what the church and my parents have been teaching me for years is that because we haven’t stood for God, our country is in the state it’s in.
I also feel like I got through to her, if only for a moment. It was a statement I made that ended the conversation. She was stumped but came back a few days later and rectified herself. (needless to say… I didn’t reply that time)
And another line… when is asking advise like this gossip, and when is it simply asking advise?

On a lighter note, I have a praise report concerning an earlier post! I had a glimmer of hope from the 14 year old last Sunday. She told me she wanted to take a purity oath! Now whether she will or if she’ll keep it, is not for me to say. But the fact is she saw a light somewhere and told me she wanted to. Continue to pray for her! And for me that I’ll know what to say and when to say it.
I love you all, and thanks for the wonderful advise!


beast'sbelle said...

Hi Meggie,
I completely understand how you feel on this one. I have several unsaved uncles and aunts that are pretty liberal in their political and world views. I'm ashamed to say that most of the time I'm too intimidated and afraid of offending to say anything. :{ I just love them so much and don't want to sever the relationship. I also get way too emotionally involved in discussions of that sort. It's hard for me to keep calm and rational without either bursting into tears or wanting to beat them over the head.
The only advice I'd like to offer (as unqualified as I am) is similar to the advice I gave you earlier. Make sure your arguments are made lovingly and respectfully. You want your aunt to know that you're attacking her viewpoint and not her.
I don't think you're gossiping by sharing this with us. You're asking for advice, not trying to slander anyone, or sharing a juicy tidbit because you're bored. :) Besides, the Bible talks about the older women teaching the younger (Titus 2:3-5). While it's kind of weird to think of myself as an "older woman", :) it's such a blessing to be able to offer advice to you.
I'm so glad to hear about the 14 year old girl. :) I'll keep praying.
Hang in there, girl. You've got lots of people praying for you. :)

Mrs. V. said...

You asked when is it standing up for God and when it is arguing. In my experience, it crosses the line from being Godly to arguing when it is obvious that the other party has no interest in seeing your side and no interest in changing their view to one that lines up with God's view.

They have free will just as we do. If one is debating with them...but they have their mind made up and the debate just continues with neither side moving...that doesn't really accomplish anything except hard feelings for those debating and those who witness it. It generally doesn't take very long to detect if you are speaking with someone who is interested and wants to learn/know better or if you are speaking with someone who is looking for a chance to appear the winner of a debate.

Hope that helps. (Hugs)

Rach said...

Your aunt has the right to "profess" her what she belives in... I feel as though you did nothing wrong with saying what you felt also. I think your preachers was mistaken.. alot. What you did is to be said right , you did what Jesus would have.

Anonymous said...

I'll be praying for you more Meggie, I totally understand your problem!
*blows kisses*