Thursday, July 29, 2010

What I've been up to.

This week has been rather busy.

Friends over, parties. This summer has been AMAZING! One of the best yet, I'll say.

But! moving on, here's a few of the projects I have been working on.

A few weeks ago, I spent quite a few days out in the summer heat in long skirts picking blackberries. And might I say, I found out very quickly that Blackberries are a lot more dangerous than strawberries! lol.

But yesterday, mom finally had time to help me make jam out of them.

Sorry for the quality on this one....

And long story short Voile! Six sparkling yummy jars of jam ready to eat.... and boy we went haywire for breakfast this morning!!! We made bisquits for with Dad's flour (spelt) and well.... I don't think we have any left! lol.

Next though, I rearanged my room and have started decorating a bit. I've started taking down the medieval fantasy things and putting up more of my Victorian.

It all looked so quaint and old fashioned when I was done that I had to show it off!

My endtable here is one of those with a cloth cover and a glass top... you can get them practically anywhere. For a while I've had some medieval things under the glass, but yesterday, I printed some pictures I had saved back, simply for inspiration, and with that and some of the flowers I pressed this spring I have a new inspiring table!

It's so nice to look up at night when I'm reading and see all these pretty victorian pictures!

I'm going to print more and put them in frames around my room. and I'm hoping to get some new prints from garage sales soon.

Well! There's more to come, I'm at the library for a good long time today.

Love and Huggs!!



Lady Helen Mar said...

Oh, how fun! The table is lovely! I cannot wait to see the finished room as I am sure it will be quite lovely.
Through Christ,

Miss Heidi said...

Sounds like a very productive week! The jam looks yummy.

Have you been to yet? I've loved their selection of reproduction goodies for years! Look at their Victorian art prints...some of them are only $3.49! I bought the Bowl Of Roses print and found a beautiful antique frame for it at a thriftstore for only $2.

Avonlea_dreamer said...

Thanks all!!

And yes, I have been there, but I never looked at their pictures, I'm usually drooling over the shoes and dresses!! lol