Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oh I Could Write a Sonnet - A Downton Inspired Hat.

Well, the best part about Easter this year was getting the chance to delve a bit deeper into  some millinery.

I fell in love with this hat of Lady Mary's the moment I saw it, and after a peep through my hat collection realized I had a hat that I could remake to work.

Sadly I didn't get a before picture. It's been in my family for as long as I've been alive. It was my sister's first, then Marmee's.

The hat had a squared top to it, a straight band, and a plain piece of wide lace hot glued to it.

So first thing was first, I removed the band and wet it to reshape it.

Then, I  made my band of some... well some "I don't know" material... It's not quite a satin or silk, it doesn't shine so much, it's thicker and rougher. I just always called it "Wedding Dress fabric" I had them cut an 1/8 of a yard, then simply left it flodec in half and sewed down each side.  I then made a hand gathering seam crosswise at intervals that were supposed to be at each quarter round... I got close..

After gluing it on, I laid out the flowers and glued them. Finally I glued some satin ribbon round the brim to hide the seam on the hat.

And here you have it!
(These pictures were photoshopped into vintage frames, I'm not sure what the french says on the one, I just thought it looked pretty)

I love taking pictures on my grandparent's farm! Isn't this view lovely? I swear I'm going to paint it sometime!

And I'll just end this with this picture.
This is me and Grandmother. She tells me all about the flowers in her garden every time we come over. She's 86 now,and a member of the greatest generation.

PS. I will be holding a  giveaway here soon. I won't reveal what it's for yet. But I should like to have 60 followers first. :D (That's just two more!) So, tell you're friends!


Civil Folks said...

Love the bonnet.


Civil Folks said...

I think the translation is...

Dear heart it would be good to stay still, heart to hear, lip to lip to converse of love!

Avonlea_dreamer said...

Thanks! That is so pretty! The picture in the frame WAS an Edwardian kiss. :D I'll have to post it next time.

Lady B said...

Lovely hat! You are very talented, dear!
Through Christ

Avonlea_dreamer said...