Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Miss Million's Maid~ A review

So I finally broke down and done it... I bought a kindle... I have found myself lacking in the liturature department, simply because, either my library didn't have it, or my bookstore didn't.

I love buying online, but I don't like to make it a habit. So when I discovered through This Post from Edwardian Promenade, that there was a Site that offered these books for FREE! I knew I had to check it out.

I tried reading them on my computer, but I found the eye strain to be too much... So I set them on hold... until yesterday.

a friend of ours loaned  us his while he went out of town, and while trying to download a book I realized we needed our own.... sooo

Enter Kindle!!

(yes that IS "Jo's Boys" one of the books my library didn't have)

But that's another story. I'm here to talk about a book I found in the above post. Miss Million's Maid.

This book is one of the best reads I've had in a while. It gives a true glimpse into 1910's London life.

Anyhoo, a brief synopsis,

Beatrice Lovlace is an orphan who lives with her aunt. Decended from a long line of well to do "Lovelaces" Aunt Anastasia cant get used to the fact that they haven't a penny, and does her best to make sure that Betrice does the same, and doesn't forget where she came from.

But that's about to change, when Betrice's only friend, the household maid Nellie Million Recevies a letter. Nellie has inherited a million dollars from her estranged uncle, who moved to America and struck it rich.

Nellie imeditely leaves her position, which is when Beatrice has an idea. She would become Miss Million's maid, and get out of her aunt's stuffy, stuck-in-the-past world.

But can she keep little "Million" out of trouble?

I HIGHLY reccomend this book! It's so sweet, and reading about the era from someone who lived in it is extremely refreshing. :D

So go read! (you can download it to your computer, my eyes just couldn't  take it..)



Mrs. Mordecai said...

If I ever get a Kindle, it will be to read old, out-of-print public domain books. There's so much old, interesting stuff out there. :)

Avonlea_dreamer said...

I agree! That's why I got mine! Well... for Classics. And every classic imaginable can be found on for free! (I promise it Just LOOKS like I'm spamming you lol! ) But anyways, I've had many hours of enjoyment out of mine!