Friday, December 10, 2010

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas

Well my family and I have decided that we can decorate the house from top to bottom... but it just isn't Christmas without a tree...

Last year our Truck was down, we were sick, we were out of money.. and most of all our spirits were down, so the Sunday before Christmas, I went out and cut a spindly old cedar tree off the property.

That made it Christmas, not the presents, not the specials, and not the decorations.

Well this year we've been getting the "City Hall runaround" (My dad restores old buildings so.. we work for historical societies and city government a lot) We'll have money for presents and such later, and we have a truck this year... but we just couldn't get in a festive mood... So this time my Dad and I went out on the farm and cut a tree. We just couldn't wait any longer.

It's wonky, and it looks like it walked out of "Who-ville" but it's a tree. It's not half decorated, but it'll do.

Doesn't it just remind you of our King?

He could've been born in all this hype surrounding Prince William, and Kate Middleton, He could've had gold, and jewels, and rubies beyond value.

But he was born in a barn... Those of you who are farmers know what I'm talking about. Mud and dirt and poo and all sorts of nastiness. And he was born into a lowly carpenter's family. (I know what that's like... especially in hard times..)

He wasn't a posh, city tree, perfectly round and shapely, pre lit, and pre decorated, in fact unlike Da Vinci's interpretation, he was probably a plain ordinary man. He was a wonky, who-ville, country bumpkin, who was destined to save the world!

Much Love!


Have a look at the history of Christmas trees Here!


Anonymous said...

Meggie, if you'd like the homemade decorating info still, I can send it to you.. You can do a gingerbread tree like we did if you like.. I didn't already send the recipe or anything because I wasn't sure if you wanted to do it anymore if you already had your tree... let me know!
Love Kate

Avonlea_dreamer said...

Sure!! Send it on over! I'm still decorating, not even close to being done. :D

Anonymous said...

lol, ok... I'll see if I can do so tonight... if not, well.. I'll try to soon anyways!
Love Kate

Mrs. V. said...

Well I for one like your tree. :-) Simple can be beautiful. Maybe a string of popcorn and cranberries? I always love how that looks. You'll have to share more pictures of your Christmas decorating. Your house looks so pretty from the pictures you've shared ~ I love all the wood.

Avonlea_dreamer said...

Thanks Mrs. V.! I love our log home. There's times I wish I could wallpaper and such but it hrs very cozy and old timey. And I ment to say that since I have animals those beaded chains have to stand in for popcorn and cranberries. :) I'll see what other pictures I can take! :)