Sunday, December 12, 2010

Quit Chuckin my wood!!

Okay so My Bestie Lady weaver asked me two questions.

First~ Do I have any songs that trigger memories?

Yup... Any time I hear anything from Lord of the Rings, or anything celtic actually, I can't help thinking of the wonderful years I spent wrapped up in those worlds with my best friends. (We were young okay? lol!)

hmm... I dunno, sometimes when I listen to something I'll go back to when I heard it last... but that usually means I'm transported from one place driving to another place... in the car... Does that make sense? OR I'll go by that spot and think of the song I was listening to when I went by.

Oh! And I used to be able to "Imprint" a book to a cd. Like Alasdair frasiers "Fire and Ice" with "Green rider" And every time I listen to that CD I'm back on a horse running from evil bad... people.. Meaning... I read the book and kept the cd going the whole time, and they'd just become part of one another. Make sense?

other question.. What is my Favourite blog?

You expect me to chose?

Um.... I LOVE Sarah Jane's Romantic History, Mrs. G. At Pastoral Symphony Farm, Emily at "A Beautiful life, Wearing History, Casey's elegant musings, I think those are it for my ABSOLUTE favs,but anything I've followed I like. :D

Next question?