Saturday, December 11, 2010

What would I say?

well, my first question was from Mrs. G.

How tall am I? Well... I'm gonna say about 5'3" I stepped on a height/ weight scale at Wonderworks, (A local science and oddities attraction) and it said I was 5'4" but my best friend is 5'4" and I'm shorter than her by a little.. but I'm taller than my mom at 5'2" so.... 5'3" it is. :D

The other question was,

What advise would I give to other Stay at Home Daughters?

Mostly Keep going! No matter what happens or who tries to intimidate you (purposely or not) or how bad you feel, keep your chin up and go on. God chose you for this calling, and that means he has faith that you can do it! So keep going, keep learning, and keep your head up. Know that you aren't alone, there are dozens of us out there, trying our best to get where God has put us.

And finally, be content, be content and do God's work no matter your marital status, no matter if you can knit or not. :D And no matter what anyone says..

I sorta repeated myself, but I can't stress it enough. God chose you, he has faith in YOU, So have faith that he knows what he's doing.


Mrs. V. said...

Are you in the Smokies? My kids *love* Wonderworks when we vacation there!

Avonlea_dreamer said...

You've winkled it out of me Mrs. V. :) I sure am. :) You'll have to let me know when you're coming up next. I'll show you all the backroads lol!

Morgan said...

Thank you for posting this! so true for all of us stay at home daughters! Keep going! Fight the good fight!