Thursday, January 14, 2010

A New Year, A New Life

Well I'm here for a few days and can use the computer however much I want. :D So I'ma take this opportunity to catch you up. #1 Glenmore went AWESOME!!!

I was not able to get my dress completely done, due to lack of time and materials. But this is how it turned out.

The house was gorgeous!! Bigger than it looks and beautifully decorated! And singing there was an absolute joy! Just like stepping back in time.

Then the next day it snowed! So I imagined this as my Christmas. even though it was December 5th. :D
Charlie my mini snowman. :D

Five days before Christmas, we were all disheartened because we didn't have a tree. The truck was down so we couldn't haul one anyways. So that Sunday I went out and foraged for a Christmas tree. It was lopsided and crooked, but I think it was the most beautiful tree we ever had! And funny story about the little bows. My parents had those one their first tree! They've been in our Christmas stuff for years, getting mouse bit and covered in age old candy cane. Last year I had expressly told my mom we needed to get rid of them, they were old and getting nasty.... weeeeell this year they came in particularly usefull. :D

I also decorated the house old fashioned. I used cedar boughs and holly (though not much because I only found one flowering bush)

We had a wonderful Christmas. :D

Me and my parents and grandparents on Christmas eve
I had my first experience with bread baking after Christmas. I did normal yeast bread, in our tiny little oven (since the big one died) and I didn't lower the you can see the results of that. you can also see what happened to the other loaf since I couldn't fit both in the oven...
and then later I tried my hand at Irish soda bread. it turned out awesome as you can see. :D but it doesn't taste right if you reheat it... so my loverly copper (my dog) got most of it..
I also entered a gift exchange with the girls at "homemaking pen friends blog" I was paired with Fiona from "A Woman of Notes"
I was soooo excited to get all this!!

Then New Years was a long and complicated story, that you may get to know yet. :D but until then, I'll just let you wonder. But needless to say it was also wonderful!

So Happy Christmas and New years! a little belated. I hope yours was as wonderful as mine!
Much love!


Lady Weaver said...

I still think you look ravishing in that color, definitely need to wear Bordeaux more often <3

Would you post the recipe for the soda bread? It looks nommy! ^_^ (See! I gave you an idea for another blog post!!!)