Friday, September 3, 2010

Tag and Run

Well due to time and the lack of my camera, I'm just going to do a brief overview. Then the Lovely LAdy Helen, from "The thoughts from Ellerslie" has tagged me! Yay!

First off, Let me raise a big, big thank you to all those who commented on my comment drive! Ya'll are so sweet! And I'll keep all of your suggestions in mind as I post!

Secondly, Old Time Sunday went wonderful! my dress held up, I made a pinner apron to go over it, and some cuffs. Then I wore my white (farby) snood over my done hair. Sadly... no picture yet... as my friend who took the picture has yet to send it to me.. *grumbles*

Anyways! I made my first purchase at our new local JoAnne's!!! YAY! I got a "New look" pattern 6981, and some lovely pale green and pink print material. Once again resulting pictures to come. :D

Well without further Ado! on to the quiz!

8 books I've read recently

1. The diary of sarah morgan.. (a great non fiction read btw.)

2. The diary of Sarah Morgan part two

3. The Diary of Sarah Morgan part three

4. The diary of Sarah Morgan part four (it's really really long and has cut of my memory of what books I've read before it, but here are the last I remember)

5.Anne of Avonlea

6.Sense and Sensibility

7.Mansfield park


8 songs or albums I listen to all the time.

1. Some great oldies by Doris day (in her early years) that my Granpa gave me

2. my Blog playlist, (no really!)

3. my Youtube playlist

4. I'm in~ Kieth Urban

5. If I Die Young~The Band Perry

6. Stuck Like Glue~ Sugarland

7. My Local NPR station

8. Hyms

8 things I LOVE!

1. My Church, and all that goes with it.

2. A Long walk in the woods and fields

3. Reading by candlelight/ Lamplight

4. Good Friends and a great big laugh!

5. "MY" mountains

6. The HISTORY of "My" mountains, and my people

7. Fulfilling my policy of "If something is too expensive, make it yourself" (Meaning Handcrafting things. :D)

8. Going to sleep at night knowing that "Both" My Fathers (Earthly and heavenly) are watching out for me.

8.Things I've learned this year

Gosh this is a bit of a toughie!!

1. how to downsize a pattern

2. how to then make it authentic to the period.

3. To sing no matter what.

4. people sometimes let you down, and there is only one perfect person who won't

5. how to "Let go and Let God"

6. How to get up out of bed and Clean house or do laundry

7. How to knit.

8. That no matter what people say about you, if God likes you, and that's what matters.

8. New recipes I want to try

1. A pie with a woven top crust.

2. Gf Pasta for my dad.

3. hot cross buns

4. Scottish Flatbread

5. I'd like to branch out from baking, but it's a bit of a security blanket. LOL!

6. Canning! (You can see my beginning attemps with my jam! Dad's already eaten two and a half jars! okay with my help)

7. My Grandmother's bisquits.

8...... aaand I'm out of Ideas.... refer to choice 5.

8. favourite online hangouts.

Eight? Seriouisly??

1. BLOGGER! (And every one of your wonderful online "Homes")

2. Facebook (Have to mention my "Local" spot. lol)

3. Google reader. (Sorta goes with choice one.)

4. Sense and Sensibility patterns forum. (Sadly my phone doesn't like it.. *Cries*)

5. Etsy (I love browsing all the loverly old things!)

for the last three I'll mention my TOP favourite blogs. I Love everyone's. But These were among the first. And they are such wonderful Roll models. They all have a good sense of old fashioned dress and old time religeon. And they are raising their Daughters into Proverbs 31 and their sons into wonderful God- fearing men. Thank you wonderful Ladies for giving us a window into your lives!

6. A Beautiful Life, our lovely Mrs. Emily.

7. Romantic History, Mrs Sarah Jane and her three cutie pie boys!

8 Pastoral symphony farm, The lovely Mrs. G. (She has been a bit more recent and I'm still getting to know her, but still!)


8 projects I need to work on.

1. my new JoAnne's skirt.

2. the pattern I got for an Aran sweater. (Pray for me on that! it looks like a difficult pattern! but I love these aweaters!!)

3. A 1940's daydress (Maybe a dozen! lol)

4. An edwardian/ teens church outfit.

5. a pink Regency dress

6. Learn more about the Piano, guitar, and fiddle.

7. My ACT so I can take a few college courses.

8. Proverbs 31, and getting closer to my Savior

8 other people I think should do this.

4. Kate, if you want to, go ahead!

(Yes, those of you who commented on my comment drive all got tagged!! )


Miss Heidi said...

Thanks Meggie, that was a fun one.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I could probably come up with 3 things for each category, but... 8!? I lead a very s-l-o-w life now. You did well, though, and I enjoyed getting to know you a little better through your answers.

I might give it a try, but feel free to choose someone in my place if you like, OK? (Thanks for thinking of me, though!)

beast'sbelle said...

Hi Meggie!
Thanks for tagging me...I responded on my blog, if you'd like to check it out. Have a great weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you Meggie, I'm very happy I'm tagged, but I don't really have a blog yet. I'm working on one but it isn't finished... If you are very interested in seeing my answers I can email them to you, but if you really don't care I don't have to.... Thanks for tagging me anyhow!
Can I have your email address anyway please?

Stephanie Ann said...

I love Sarah Morgan! I recently read Anne of Avonlea too. I got up to Anne's House of Dreams and I really just can't get into it surprisingly. I wonder why. Nice blog.

Avonlea_dreamer said...

*Stomps foot* I wish I had more time today!!! Thank you all for your comments I love hearing from you! And I promise I'll read every single one of your tags... unfortunately not today *cries*

Lady Helen Mar said...

Some how I am just now seeing this. Thanks for doing it, dear! I too am striving to become a Proverbs 31 lady! Let us encourage each other!
Through Christ,
P.S. I just sent you an email, finally!