Friday, August 26, 2011

Old fashioned Photos

Lauren over at American Duchess has been giving tutorials on creating and old fashioned look from a new photo. She's been going the whole nine yards, from costume and pose to backdrop, not to mention all the computer editing.

So I decided to give it a try as best I could with what I have (I left my camera at my best friend's a few weeks ago and have yet to get it back... *blush*)

What do you think??


Stephanie Ann said...

Looks great! You haven't been blogging in a while. We've missed you.

Avonlea_dreamer said...

Aw thanks!! I haven't been able to get to the library lately.. :(

Alyianna said...

Nice pic! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Awwwwww, I love love love it! You're so talented with photo work\editing, it's amazingly "old" looking so you did a fabulous job!But don't I know that picture?
...and wasn't I sitting right beside you that night?
.....and didn't I take it? :D
I've always liked that pose, and I'm so pleased at what you've done with it!
and just so you know, I got your letter yesterday, and I think I'm gonna have to send it's reply via email.. I only have a small bit of postage on hand, and I need it to mail stuff to my grandparents..:( But hey now that your phone works you can at least read it.. you don't even have to write back unless you want to; I'm not thrilled.. it really stunk, but I wanted to let you know so you aren't waiting around forever!
I'll get it sent as soon as I get online for real... I have some other typing work to get done- but yours will be first, I promise!
Thanks for this post BTW, I miss you:)
Love You Hun, have a nice night!
P.S. and awwww man I nearly forgot to tell you how much a dig the new look around here! wow! Pretty :)

Lady B said...

Lovely and it so lovely to see you again!
Through Christ,

Brooke said...

Hello Meggie!

I've given you an award here:

Hope your having a great day. :)