Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A Holy Dunking

Bahaha Okay, So it's a much more serious matter than that I know. But that was just one of the things people said to me on that last day of july.

The others included, be careful of the shark and "If you die will you will me your bicycle?"

Now, to begin at the beginning. Yes, I am a baptist... and yes I'm 19 and had never been Baptised! I'm not sure why. I remember being 7 years old and practising going under water so I could get baptised. But we did a lot of church hopping when I was young, due to a split at our home church...

So I've been attending my little backwoods church for aroung 4-5 years now. I feel at home, and loved there, and I'm begining to do more than just sing and pray. So one sunday last october, God nudged me and I knew it was time to fulfill his command.

But there was a hitch....

I couldn't figure it... but there was something about that big green bathtub at the back of the church that scared the heck out of me! Maybe it's the fact that when I was little, the baptistry was off limits.. a "NO no" room persay. Or maybe it was something else.. I dunno...

But hey! My Grandparents were baptised in a mountain river, so why not me?

So I went to the pastor and he heartily consented. But by this time.... it was january... and BOY was it cold!

So we settled in to wait until summer.

By then we realized it was going to be much easier to go one mile down the road to the lake than to try to get the whole church into the mountains.

And now we're back to the day of. After service we had a meal in the fellowship hall, and then it was down the road in a convoy of church goers to the TVA boat ramp.

I'm afraid that from here, things got a bit hazy for me. I just focused on the task at hand. But I can tell you looking out across the water at my new family looked, to me, a bit like a scene of pride and prejudice, when Jane is going off to london and looks back at her family on the porch, waving and smiling. Course I was coming home, not going away.

Miss Lady Weaver's Mom once told me how good it would feel when I finally did as God asked, and she was right. I now feel as though I can take on the world!


Lady Weaver said...

Did this happen this past January? I wish I could have been there *pouty face*

Lady B said...

Congratulations, dear!

Anonymous said...

Yea just this past july. And thanks lady b! I appreciate it!