Monday, May 14, 2012

A Daily Dose of Rediculousness

The past few days I have been watching "The 1900's House" (One of the ones where they drop Idiots  in) Episode 1 starts above.

So the first thing they did upon finishing the house was to call in the "Saftey experts" I was expecting the usual was going to be a problem, the "ancient" gass lines, the coal fires, washing ringer, but no. You wanna know what they had a problem with? The (Dun, dun DUN) "Cut throat" razor!! And! The Rag rugs posed a TRIPPING HAZARD!!!

I was astonished! So... you fall... Just don't do it with the razor in your hand...

But today's episode (I'm in part 13-14 maybe. I'm not sure what episode) Was all about "Lets complain about corsets"

The woman of the house seems to be a nice lady, but I guess she couldn't find enough to complain about, having just hired a maid-of-all-work to do the chores... So  we had a "Devilry of Corsets" Lesson.

Here's my take on the matter, Having delved into the world of  Historical costuming, I was, and probably for the same reasons, a bit nervous about corsetry. But as you may know, recently I took the plunge.

Though my corset is about 10-15 years later, it's still a corset. My personal experience was that, yes, it does take some getting used to, just like a new Bra would. But after that, I found it to be quite comfortable!

So, no, I haven't tried any of the truly "Cinching" Corsets, but any costumer will tell you the same thing.


 One thing they showed was a diagram of how tight fitting corsets could re-align the ribs and internal organs. And I imagine they could!

The above picture is what scares people to death about corsetry, so lets take a closer look.

In my opinion, just like today, there were women who did all kinds of unhealthy things in search of "Beauty."

But I also imagine that there were a lot more women who were sensible  and to compare times This:


Would be looked upon much like This is today:

So here we are, Yes, the Edwardians had some very strange ideas, but so do we. Are they that much different?

Here we have an example of what I think is a true, every day, Corseted Edwardian.

She doesn't look uncomfortable, or out of breath, or ill.

 She just looks normal, modest, and comfortable.

So in essence, there is no need to be afraid of Corsetry as an uncomfortable, unhealthy item.

Well, in my opinion. :D


Emily Fay said...

I have thought about wearing corsets too. I enjoyed watching the 1900's house. Have a lovely week ahead ~

Avonlea_dreamer said...

I am enjoying it. :D Some of it is just rediculous. :D

Morgan-Britney said...

I've been corseted, and it is the most painful thing I've ever experienced in the way of fashion. I couldn't even expand my lungs. Corsets were certainly not comfortable, or healthy, but they sure were beautiful.:D


Avonlea_dreamer said...

Well, was it properly fitted? I wear a 1911 corset on a regular basis, and it usually helps instead of hindering. When my back hurts I can reach for it instead of a back brace. But I've been put into a civil war corset that wasn't my size and I didn't last more than ten minutes without pain and suffering. Corsets were meant to hold you in and up not squeeze and tighten. If it fits well, it shouldn't hurt or harm in any way. The women who re-arranged their internal organs in an attempt at "slim" were in no better shape than our anorexic models today. So don't give up on them, try one that fits. :D