Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pregnancy is no big deal anymore. (Sometimes a girl just has to rant)

Okay so, I've had this written for a while and I just HAVE to post it. This happened on the 19th so excuse some of the date references. This is still pretty heavy on my heart so please comment and discuss!

Pregnancy is not what it used to be. The breaking news of teens these days is that it's as easy as if they had bought it at Wal-mart.


Why is it that people seem to think it doesn't matter?

"Who cares?" they think, "Mommy will take care of it, and Daddy will pay for it, just like they did that puppy that followed me home from school that time in the third grade. Poor scruffy may he rest in peace."

And guess what? That's what happens. Twelve months later, grandma is holding a three month old baby while Mama parties to celebrate her sixteenth birthday. Not to mention she then brings home a new boyfriend

"Hey mom, This is Joey, he's twenty-five, We're getting married and he's gonna adopt little freddy and care for him like his own son. Not to mention the others there are going to be"

This is an ABOMINATION to girls like me. Few and far between as we may be. Stick together girls! It's sooooo much more worth it to wait on GOD'S TIME. Because then you get the WHOLE package; Love, Family, Eternity, And finally GOD'S APPROVAL!

Okay so the reason I'm saying this.. And I probably should have talked about it earlier, is, My best friend growing up, is two weeks away from delivery. We became friends when we were about five, but we started drifting apart in middle school. I was at my Christian school, where I thankfully learned a lot of my ideals, morals, and Bible vereses to go with them, but she was at a public school.

It's just disturbing to me. We used to dream as little girls, marriage, husband, babies, but it always went in the right order. At least it did for me, I don't know about her.

She had medical problems that they said may not allow her to carry a child full term, and she used to cry and tell me she didn't just want a baby she wanted the experience of pregnancy, feeling a life growing inside her.

So I attributed it to that. She wanted that experience and she got it. Well she wouldn't talk to me, I found out about it in march, second hand from one of her HIGHSCHOOL classmates. I continued to try to talk to her, Phone calls, letters, emails, text, facebook. No deal. I think at most I got three sentances out of her on Facebook.

Anyhoo, two weeks ago I got an Invite to her BABY SHOWER. I decided to go all out. Set aside my Morals for a time and let her know I still loved her. At one time she was a Civil war re-enactor, so I got Simplicity 2457 And with a little editing made a boy's baby gown, pleanty of pintucks, and lots of ribbons. It took all I could give during those two weeks to get it done.

Now I'm not saying I was trying to bribe her, just give her a little Christian Love. I could have turned away and not done anything, but we grew up like sisters, and I still loved her.

Saturday Mom call first thing to get directions, and she was very happy and bubbly, "Oh yes, I graduated Highschool, with honors" Talking about everything like it was nothing.

Well because of a storm and our lack of good directions, we got there about thirty minutes early. I Expected to see her glowing. This was exactly what she wanted, a beautiful baby boy due in less than two weeks.

Not really.

Short shorts and a low cut tank top stretched across her "Shelf" as she called it.

All I can say is she was no longer the happy bubbly shy and quiet girl I had grown up with... She was in the league of unwed pregnant teenagers. And she looked it. Deep in her eyes, she must have known.

But seriously?? What would convince one to give up the dream? Okay and not only the dream, but GOD'S reality!

In the end, I plan to wait. God has someone for me and he'll be exactly what I need. THEN come the Babies.

Thank you God for making me who I am! Thank you for giving me wonderful CHRISTIAN Parents and an amazing CHRISTIAN education. And thank you for teaching me what was RIGHT in YOUR eyes!

Love you all! (Give lots of advise!)


Psalms 27:5

PS. Anyone know where I could get a good purity ring? Not nessecarilly expensive. It's more like baptism, to tell the world my views than me taking a vow. That vow has been here a long time.


Mrs. Skelton said...

Wow what a sad thing that for that girl... she is missing what family and having babies is all about.
As for a purity ring there are some reasonable priced ones here...
some of them are more spendy but some are good priced! Anyway... may the Lord bless you! Always remember the Lord first!

Avonlea_dreamer said...

Thank you so much! I know, I feel so helpless when it comes to her. I can't tell her what I know is right without feeling like she'll slam the door in my face...

And thank you! I will!