Wednesday, June 2, 2010

There's Nothing Like New


Seems like ages since I've had a good shopping trip! And I guess it has been, the last one was the last time I went school shopping three years ago.

Anyways! I thought I'd show of one of my new outfits and as I wear them, update you on the others.

First off though, a bit about my fashion style. If I had to put it in a category it would be, Classy, old fashioned, and country. And sometimes a bit medieval.

Today, I'm a bit more modern. My shopping trip yesterday was mostly for jeans. I'm a dress person, but sometimes I like to be a bit more slouchy in a good old fashioned pair of jeans. I searched, store after store, for my country style bot cut jeans. Nothing...I finally find a fade style I liked... aaaand they're skinny jeans.. So I cam home dejected and dissapointed... with one shirt. No doubt I loved the one shirt and thanked God for it!

But then my Aunt let me go back out before we went to my uncle's to say goodbye to my cousins (Who flew down to florida first thing this morning for a summer in florida with their mom.)

Two words- Rue 21.

Two more- big sale!!

Nearly everything in the store was under a 50% off sign or a $6- $3. And guess what? Two wonderful pairs of jeand under that %50! Then a really pretty dress to wear to awedding this weekend, and a new t-shirt.

Today I'm wearing one pair of jeans and the T-shirt.

It's a printed T. I usually don't wear black for any reason, but this one I loved!

*Reads back* okay I'm babbling... and about a T-shirt too. ;D But hey I'm a girl.. it happens!

Anyways, moving on! A bit of other fashion. On Sunday I try to be "Classy" Simply pretty. And different. So I'll add a hat or a slightly modernized old pattern. I've decided to start showing you some of them. This is what I wore this Sunday.

It's a little revealing for my tastes. I debated over a sweater until the last minute, then regretted my decision against it. But People loved it!

The dress was thrifted, the belt came from belk last winter, The hair flover came from Cato and the necklace was off a thrifted shirt. (Though I'm sure you could find something similar at Forever 21)

Anyways! More as I get them!

I Hope you are all enjoying your summer!!

I sure am so far!

God Bless!


PS. I had a little fun on Picnik, can you tell?