Sunday, May 30, 2010

A sewing Adventure.

okay so this has been a while ago, but I was just looking through my pictures and came across these and thought I'd share.

I Went to Lady Weaver's, who is a total Lolita fanatic (As in Japanese way of dress) so I got all dolled up in semi- loli.

We then proceeded to Hobby- lobby to buy some material for a dress she was making. I even found some trim for the skirt I was wearing. :D

Then she came to my house the next night after a trip to "Forever 21" (Where we were nearly shooed out for taking a picture in the store.... )
hehe our one piccy in the store. :D

After an hour of pure sniffling, we had to go get some benadryl for Lady Weaver, who was allergic to my cat. And because neither of us wanted to get dressed again... we went in pj's...
But anyways, enjoy the pictures!!!
(Yes.. she's folding my laundry... )


Lady Weaver said...

Good Lord... I nearly had forgotten that you took pictures.

I still have yet to finish that dress. I need to have you come over and make me finish it up. lol.

I still have the benadryl btw. XD