Saturday, May 29, 2010

Home cooking endevours

Well There are a few things to catch you up on.

#1 Wild Strawberries!!!!!
There's a whole bunch of them at the end of my drive, sweet and pure and natural! So I went out a few times and picked as many as I could find. I then pureed them and they are in the freezer awaiting any strawberry recipes that you have to suggest. (By the by, please suggest something I could do with this. The only thing I have is adding them to frosting to put on a cookie)

My second endeavour is Noodles. My dad is allergic to wheat (Aka gluten) so I get the opportunity to home-make all kinds of things for him.

For this recipe I used Rice flour. I thought it would be soft and fluffy, and better for noodles. Wrong...

This recipe called for Xantham gum (Actually guar gum... whatever that is.... ;D ) Well I didn't have any, so I added an egg. (this recipe was in an "Allergy free" Cookbook so it didn't call for an egg) Anyhoo. We were terrified of them not staying together. So we let them dry as long as possible and tested two or three. They stuck! I was ecstatic!

So the next night I Carefully put together a spaghetti sauce, (Poured a jar of it over mushrooms and browned hamburger) and put some water on to boil. When dad got home, I poured the whole lot into the boiling water, and went upstairs with them to wait for them to cook.

When I cam down, low and behold! They were still together....

Stuck together in a giant wad... The bits and pieces that had come apart, had fused all the noodles together into one big globby mess...

Bless my father, he ate a plate of it with a smile on his weary face... (I never expected him too) And we served it the next night as normal with a pan of rice.

Needless to say, next time... I'm using spelt...


Miss Heidi said...

Yummy looking strawberries. Our patch is producing nicely right now. I'd use them for smoothies or homemade ice cream all summer!

I've got a great recipe for egg noodles. I do use wheat flour, but spelt would be fine too. If you decide to try them for spaghetti, omit the baking soda so they don't fluff up as much.

Anonymous said...

Your sweet daddy ! And how creative you were with those noodles ! ;0

Avonlea_dreamer said...

oooh! I'll bet they would be AMAZING in ice cream Heidi! And I just so happen to have an old ice cream maker. :P

And I'll definitely check out that recipe. My dad was supposed to have ground some spelt yesterday so maybe I'll get too.

And yes, my Dad's amazing! (And my dog absolutely LOVED what was left. ;D )

Miss Heidi said...

P.S....forgot to tell you....the secret to clump free noodles is to bring the water(or broth)to a rolling boil and drop the noodles in one at a time. You don't have to be slow about it, but definitely one at a time and stir occasionally to keep them moving.

Happy cooking!

Avonlea_dreamer said...

hmmm good to know... so maybe it wasn't the flour after all...

Lady Helen Mar said...

We use fresh strawberries to make freezer jam!
This is the quick recipe:
1 box fruit pectin (we use SureJell)
1 quart fruit
4 cups surgar
Yeild: 40oz.

Cooked recipe:
1 box (1.75oz) fruit pectin
2 quarts fruit
7 cups sugar
yeild: 64oz

The directions are on the inside or you can go here*158&u3=**7*74&wf=9&recipe_id=62430

Hope you enjoy!

Lady Helen Mar said...

Oh, just came across this too-,25929.0/topicseen.html
Through Christ,

Avonlea_dreamer said...

hmmm yeah, I had planned on it, but I just don't have way too many, and I had to puree them right off before they got gloppy...