Thursday, January 20, 2011

Out With the Old, In With the New

Well I hope ya'll are having a WONDERFUL new year so far!!

As for me, mine is great!

You see I only set Two resolutions, and those were to make my bed every day and keep my room tidy, and to read my page in "My Upmost For His Highest" Every day, and guess what?? I've gone 20 days and stuck with it! I'm so proud of myself, usually I have NO drive and my resolutions never stick, not even this long. But it was like it was already a habbit when I started, This time there was no margin for error in my mind, I was NOT going to quit, and I haven't :D

As I mentioned earlier I got to ring in the new year with my Wonderful best friend "Lady Weaver" okay well sort of... She had to take me home at 11:30... but still!!

We had an absolutely WONDERFUL weekend at "The Our Generation Summit" It was so nice to have a weekend surrounded by Christian people who truly had a drive for God!
If you are in Tennessee around New Years I HIGHLY encourage you to participate! Keep an eye on this post I'm going to have Lady Weaver Find some of the Video and some links on it and add them to this post. They Videoed everything... I just can't find it...

But anyways... I didn't feel right taking any pictures... so I got some of Miss Weaver and I afterwards. We went out to eat at a restraunt in Pigeon forge called "The Partrige and Pear" And here's pictures of it. :D
And it was raining so... yes... Weaver is wet...


Tata for now!
From Avonlea_Dreamer
And Lady Weaver


Lady Weaver said...

Bahahahahahaha, I look like a drowned rat XD You on the other hand, darling, look great!

Avonlea_dreamer said...

Thats because I didn't go trouncing around in the rain now did I?

Lady Helen Mar said...

Good to hear form you!
I actually just made my New years resolutions and hope to stick them better than I usually do.
Through Christ,
P.S. I think you both look lovely.