Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Dress!!

Well here's a bit of a previes of my new dress, My dad took these pictures and he didn't catch the whole thing. So I think Mom and I are going to try another shoot later, when it's good and sunny again. It's a Sense and Sensibility 1914 afternoon dress. I have yet to make a sash, and I'd like to take up the hem with a few pin tucks and put a false "Under Layer" beneath it of a solid peachy pink. But anyhoo, like it?

Also, I have sort of a favor to ask of my Titus two ladies, yup that means you ladies that are older than me and have ever given me advise before!
You're all bloggers I assume, and I need some inspiring posts for my sister blog "Stay at Home Daughters Fellowship" Do any of you have any advise to give some young women who have chosen a homemaking life Vs College?
Any advise to those of us who are going the whole way and plan on having an old fashioned simple life? If you wrote it down would you let me post it? I'd be truly greatful!!

I'd like to have a series of "Titus 2" posts from you ladies that are willing to write.
If you have anything (And it can be something you have already posted on your blog that you think would work) would you email it to me? Avonleamountaindreamer[@]hotmail[.]com (remove Brackets)
I'd be eternally greatful!!
And by the by!! I'm getting internet soon! It's a sure thing, it may just take time to get everything set up, but I'll be sooo glad to be back posting again!
Love you all so much!!


Miss Heidi said...

The dress is gorgeous!

The Titus 2 project has me thinking now. I don't think I have any blog entries on this subject. I may yet write one and submit it to you. What a lovely idea.

Avonlea_dreamer said...

Thanks so much! I'm glad you like it! And can't wait to read what you write!

Lady B said...

Very pretty dress!
I need to email you so very soon!
Hope you have a lovely weekend and so glad you will have internet.
Through Christ,

Mrs. G said...

I've asked on FB and MOMYS for some ideas for you. Your dress looks like a really sweet print, Katie says the color really flatters you! :-)

Avonlea_dreamer said...

Thanks lady B I'm lookin foreward to your email. :) And I wondered if that's what you were asking about on fb Mrs. G. :) I'm loving reading the answers there so far. :) And tell Kate I was suprised that that yellow looked good on me. But it did. :) It's so soft and old fashioned. :)