Friday, April 1, 2011

Fort Business, Update

Well, Here I am headed home from KY. We've been up to see the fort and some of the local sites.

And Now without further Ado, here it is now.

Can you see how absolutely MASSIVE this thing already is? Think of when it's done! Ain't no Indian gonna be able to vault over that wall!

The Long awaited and debated for "Water Gap Gate" I didn't get a picture of when my dad let go of that thing. It stayed exactly where he put it. Perfectly balanced. :D

The newest addition to the Fort Family. :D It's taller on the far side than on this so a man could climb on the roof and shoot invaders without being seen.

Home pegged Cedar steps

Outside the new corner house. Again, the absolute massiveness of it. My Dad is about 5'11"

We've seen some wonderful old buildings and homes ranging from Colonial to Victorian. All well dressed by fancy Derby people. (Most were surrounded by huge horse barns and white/ black picket fences)

This was a street full of old colonials in Downtown Danville

Next we went to Shakertown. I'll admit, it is an absolutely gorgeous little town, peaceful and serene. But they were a cult, and to hear about a cult on TV or some such, is a whole other story from actually touching things they built or being inside one of their dorm houses. Their main fault was a vow of complete celibacy, upon entering the town you gave up all your worldly goods, your marriage vows, and even your children, and became a part of the "Family." The whole community was based upon false prophesy. Now, If you can put the past behind you, and remember that these people are all dead and gone, unlike me, then you will probably enjoy a visit. The crafters are there year round, and the sheer craftsmanship of everything in sight IS magnificent. I'm not going to post any pictures, if you have a subscription to Victoria Magazine, you saw about as much as I did in last fall's edition.

Lastly though, we went to the Perryville Civil war Battlefield. The longest and bloodiest battle in KY, it lasted all of 5 hours... The Rebs were beat out 3-1 and STILL whipped Yankee Tail!! Course they subsequently ran out of supplies and men and headed back across the Mason Dixon.. I didn't get any pictures sadly... But! I did get an absolutely wonderful New old book. And a new dip pen. :D

The Cameo one of the church ladies gave me before I left.

The book though, is amazing! It's a modern reprint of a popular 1820s-30s How to book.

The American Frugal Housewife, by Mrs. Child.

I'm only in the second chapter, but already it has held some great tips on everything from keeping away moths to cleaning white kid gloves, and all on a budget. Some are just entertaining, knowing that a certain item is no longer available, nor in common use, but some are very practical. I Highly recommend it as a good read anyways!

Well, that is my week so far. and I hope yours is even better!

Luffles Muchly!



Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your week was a really nice one, it looks like you all had a blast!
and oh my, that fort is breathtaking! You must be pretty stinkin' proud of your dad, I know I would be.
BTW I think Danville is much better than "our" zoar too :D
Yes, you are right, shakers were twisted and messed up.. but it's thanks to them that we have circular saws...!

Brooke said...

Oh my goodness! The fort looks so amazing. I can't imagine seeing something like that in real life. :) Must have been a wonderful week. :)

The book sounds so interesting! Those kind of pens are so sweet! I love how they 'write'. :D lol And the camo is very beautiful!

Brooke (a friend of Kate's. :)

Avonlea_dreamer said...

Thanks Kate! It really is breathtaking! And we did have a good time. :) And Brooke, its nice to "Meet" you. :)

Pauline said...

Hello! I just discovered your lovely blog through another one that I follow, "Patty's Place"! Love your vintage sewing machine - I used to sew on my Mother's vintage Singer machine. Your dress is lovely, and my goodness - the fort is impressive! What a labor of love that must be!