Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Movie Review: Sweet Land

Okay, I'm going to try this again. This comes with a slight caution. I watched this on our local movie channel, so there may be some parts I haven't seen, and I know at one point they fuzzed out a naked bum. (though I do know it had to do with cleanliness and not other things) But with these movies you can alwayys tell if they bleeped or fuzzed things out, and There was no bleeping and no other scenes that I noticed. Though they didn't put subtitles when the characters spoke German, so if any of you do and they say something that isn't very nice, I do appologise, I only know english. :D
Anyways, other than that it was perfectly clean, so on to the synopsis.
There's a bit of jumping around in the beginning and at the end. The movie starts with a man's struggles to sell his grandparent's farm, upon the death of his grandmother. It then jumps to scenes of his grandfather's death in the sixties. An finally starts in on the meat of the movie. His grandparent's story.
Around the time of WW1 Inga Otenburg came to America with a suitcase and a gramaphone, her worldly posessions, in hand. Inga was a mail order bride from Germany. She meets her soon to be husband and heads to the church, where the whole community is waiting to wittness the wedding. They step up to the alter and take a deep breath, but upon discovering that Inga is German, the pastor refuses to marry them without special papers.
This movie, in my opinion, is just like it's title, Sweet! Watching Inga and Olaf as they struggled against the government, the animosities of a post WW1 community, and sometimes their growing attachment to each other was in my opinion a joy
Inga is a fiery woman, who intends to have things like she planned, despite what others may tell her. Olaf on the other hand is a quiet gentle man, but throughout the movie we find that he is full of hidden spunk and courage, even a bit of stubborness himself at times.
Now, this is one of those movies that if you try to take it to heart and analyze every moment, you're going to hate it. But if you just sit back and enjoy a simply sweet story, you'll have a wonderful evening's enjoyment.
I can highly reccomend Sweet Land.