Saturday, March 17, 2012

My New Style

Lately I have found my wardrobe drifting into the teens. The NINETEEN teens, that is.

Yes... that's right.. I have Downton fever...

But to be wholy honest, my obsession with this era came long before that in "Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story"

Since then I've grabbed up whatever I could find on that decade that I could possibly grab. And lately it's been patterns. :D

And with patterns comes outfits.

And once I had those outfits I just couldn't help wearing them to church!

(Luckily my little "family" knows I'm crazy)

I find that I'm much more comfortable in those clothes now (Yes corset and all) and I just can't help wearing them on a more regular basis.

I promised a photoshoot a while back, and here is what Marmee and I came up with. :D Enjoy!

The top is Past Patterns #5068 and the skirt is Past Patterns #5462.

The top was a bit trickish, but the skirt was simply a dream to put together! And turned out lovely!

Stay tuned for more 1910's posts. I'll be making more, and having more shoots!


Stephanie Ann said...

I love the clothing of the era which is strange because I own very little of it. I love the excessive details and frills that belong in this period.

Civil Folks said...

Love it! I'm a bit 'crazy' too but I go back to 1820-1865.

Thanks for posting.