Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tea for Two, and Two for Tea

Well I'm late, but this flu is taking longer than it should. Apparently it takes TWO WEEKS to get over! So I thought I was better and it settled into my chest... oh well...

Anyways! I thought I would post this just in time for Emily's "Thursday Tea Time" over at A Beautiful Life.

Anyways, we walked in nearly 30 minutes late, but that was okay, they weren't busy. at least to my untrained eyes!

It was a HUGE room with a vaulted ceiling, it was called the "Library" dining room, but it only had on tall shelf of books. And though that would probably fill my whole library, it didn't make this look much like one.

They made us wait about fifteen minutes so we could have choice of tables. We chose one next to the window with an absolutely excellent view.

Our waitress, Natalie, was adorable. and though we didn't get a picture of her, she will remain in my memory. :D When they seated us they brought a cherry wood box. Inside were Bottles? Vials? of a raw version of each tea on their menu. You smelled them to choose them.

Close up on what was in the box.

(btw the chocolate truffle smelled AWESOME!

but not for just then)

A little while later they brought it out. Lady weaver had chosen a pinkish tea called "Wild blossom and berry" And I chose a spicy orange tea called "California fields"

When they brought out the food the waitress explained everything on out plates flawlessly... and it was a lot to remember. and she told us she was going to explain it first because people tended to completely forget all she said when she set the "Tier of deserts" in front of them.

She also said that earlier at the table next to us she had set it down in front of some little boys and they lit up like she was an angel.

Our foods included the signature Cucumber sandwiches, among other finger sandwiches.

Our "Tier of desserts" included white chocolate chip pumpkin scones, apple butter muffins, "Christmas" cookies, pineapple upside down cake, bon bons,and pecan tartlets.

We enjoyed it immensely!!

(I'll update this tomorrow when I'm more awake... so check back!!)


salquelatine said...

dahhhhling, your pictures aren't working well

Avonlea_dreamer said...

hoooooney... there's only one...

Emily said...

I hope you feel better! The tea looks lovely! Thanks for sharing! :)

Avonlea_dreamer said...

Thanks Em! I'm not quite done posting pictures yet... I know bad Meggie.. :D But I'll get 'em!!