Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Cozy Winter

Dad took down an old barn this week and as of this morning we have our first official load of firewood!!

Dad fixed up this old beut and hooked it to the tractor where we spent the better part of the morning avoiding nails... I MEAN!!! Cutting wood... (Sorry.. that thing scares me....)

As sad as it is to see someone's livelihood reduced to keeping us warm, I'm fully looking foreward to many cozy hours in front of a warm wood stove with a cup of hot cocoa. :D

Until next time!!!



Anonymous said...

Well well well :) My Tennessee friends have 'finally' began gearing up?! I first thought that this means I can stop envying you so much, and it also means fall might possibly found it's way through the mountains to perfect summerland: On second thought now I'm not so sure.It's October 29th, and this is yor first wood cutting?
Can I come down n.o.w? :)
We're hearing calls for snow.

and I liked your pics! Thanks for the regular blogging you're doing now too! It's just like old times!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and sorta as a P.S. That wood is gonna roast you alive! stinkin'stuff burns better than you can shake a stick at, all old and dried out like that.. whew! I'm hot already :D.

Lady B said...

Umm, I am slightly jealous. Looks good and that thing is scary.