Monday, October 31, 2011

Rose Center!

The Rose Center, in my opinion, is one of the most perfect venues for old fashioned crafts. Originally it was a highschool around the turn of the century. And in the surrounding streets there are some of the most exquisite examples of Victorian houses!

The building itsself is simply chock full of some of the most amazing antiques. I don't think I've ever seen real turn of the century clothes up close! Course one of the fellows who was running the show, upon my asking if I could take the above picture, asked if I knew what the sleeves of the blouse were called. ;D Do you know?

Mom frying hoe (corn) cakes on our woodstove

As for myself I had a marvelous time, meeting kind people and demonstrating my sewing machine.

(My sewing machine is just behind the orange apron)

As I walked through the gymnasium (built on in later years) I was shocked to hear (live!) A truly iconic East Tennessee Voice! Bill Landry!

Now if any of you have ever been in the east Tennessee area and watched WBIR Channel 10 at any point, then you have probably heard or seen Bill Landry. For the past 30 some odd years, Mr. Landry Has hosted dad's and my favourite TV show "The Heartland Series" in which Mr. Landry gives us a 5 minute vingette of local history. (Saturday nights they complie them into a 30 minute program)

So later Saturday afternoon, Mr. Jim Claborn (Below on the right) A good friend of ours and often featured member of the "Heartland Family", agreed to introduce us.

Needless to say, Dad was tickled!

Of course, my head swelled up when Mr. Landry asked Jim if I was an actress. ;)

But anyways, I'll end on this note. We all had a marvelous time! And my parents have agreed to let me open an etsy account in which you will find many of the wares above. And all will be at reasonable prices, and completely hand sewn or on the treadle machine!

Have a wonderful week!!

~ Meggie


Anonymous said...

Awwwww, what fun! You're right Rose Center rocks, totally ;)
Your mom looks so at home there cooking\frying hoe cakes! and OMG that is the sweetest picture of Clive, it's hilarious, and it's soooo so totally HIM, the grin and all.. made me laugh :)
I'm glad y'all had such a good time; and nooo, that Q about the sleeves on the blouse might be a trick question.. so.. I'll skip outta answering *wink*.. You look beeeautiful, no wonder Mr Landry wants to know if you're an actress! Is that your Valentine dress ?? I can't tell from the small version of that picture, and my comp flat out refuses to load it any bigger..ugh. I love your outfit anyhow, you looks so hot in red :)
Thanks for posting!

Guess Who!

Avonlea_dreamer said...

Valentine's? I don't remember, but it IS the one I wore to Glenmore, and in my profile pic.

And I'm always glad to have you post, Mrs. Guess. I enjoy hearing from you. ;D

Oh! And they're Leg-o-mutton sleeves