Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Twenty's Pleanty

You know, Every year on my birthday, people ask me "Well do you feel different now that you're___" No.. I really didn't. But this year it's different.

I've hated being a teener so much that, now that twenty has come along it's a big sigh of relief. No, I don't want time to fly, I'm perfectly happy being twenty.

But Anyways, on my actual birthday, last Saterday Dear Lady Weaver decided to surprise me with a Cades Cove Breakfast picnic.

Course no one said it would be cold, luckily i like cold. ;D

Anyhoo, I think I'll just let you enjoy some of the pictures from the photoshoot we had. What a blast that was!!


Anonymous said...

Awwww! I loved reading this Meggie, thank you so much!
I'm glad you feel different\better this October- I knew you would! and I'm equally sure you'll love this year, and look back on it as "the" year, it'll rock, truly!
I'm only a lil sad you've left me behind in TeenLand :S.. I'll miss you! But don't really wish you back now, you've turned into the other lane at the fork in the road!
I pray your dreams stay as big as the horizon, you stop once in a while to catch your breath, and the sun shines all winter long!
Just take one day at a time, love and you'll always be loved back!
love you! Happy birthday again.
I loved the photoshoot, it's just beautiful!

Avonlea_dreamer said...

Aw! *huggles&sniffles*

You're the best!

I can't believe only one of those pictures went up though.. I'll have to try to fix it later..

Anonymous said...

Thanks :) and once more; the very best to you hun! You're in my thoughts more than you know ! I'm here for you always :)
'I won't let go'