Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Old Time Sunday

Old Time Sunday

Well first of all this means there are less than two weeks until my Biltmore trip!! WOOT!

I'm nearly done with my dress. (Double yay) and and and! I'm so excited!

Anyhoo! This week was old time Sunday at church. And the youth were given control over the meal. We had such a fantastic time! It went off without a hitch! Dad took our grist mill rig over and I took my weaving and spinning. (though I didn't do much on it) Mom was up all night cooking (though she wasn't over ALL the food) She made "Swamp cabbage stew", Deviled eggs, slaw ect.

Swamp cabbage stew

So at 7:00 Sunday morning, Dad and I got up and went to have breakfast with Tommy, one of the youth leaders. Mark, the assistant choir director joined us later.

Breakfast Dad on the left Tommy on the right
(Mark is just out of camera-shot, said he didn't like pictures... so you'll see him in several! :D)

At the beginning of the service, Nina and I sang again. We did "Sweet hour of prayer" It wasn't as good as what we'd done before, but it was good, even though I didn't get any pictures.

Right after we sang, a few of us went back over and set up. After the service the youth jumped right in and did a wonderful job! We had all the main dishes outside and all the desserts inside. (ehem the uh... better to keep the yellow jackets out of. :D)

Before church, that's Nina there in the front.
And our pastor's son is on the tractor. :D
Photo by Ms. Queener

The tables in front of our rig

Mark (hehe) his son Ben and Jessica, one of the youth
at the drink table

Tara (aka "Bubbles") Beki (Tommy's Daughter) And Morgan (Mark's Daughter)
(Beki and Bubbles were two more who were against pictures so I continued to sneak up on them. :D)

Down the tables

Mrs. Raxter, Ray, and a fellow who's name seems to have slipped my mind.... >_>

Other end of the Tables (Fried Chicken. :q)

As people were eating, though some were through, we did get the rig running a bit. :D

People watching our rig (Mind both Mark and Bubbles are in this pic. :D)

Tommy on the Tractor

Dad running the rig

After we ate and before everyone left, we had a singing, and I had my first time playing the guitar with other musicians! (Luckily they were all much louder than me...) But it was the absolute BEST singing! All old time hymns! "How great thou art" My absolute Favorite!

Hayley, Kennedy (The preacher's daughter) and LC, a deacon.

Our Makeshift choir

The only pic of me (left) with Betty the pianist and her husband John, the choir director.
also by Ms. Queener

Makeshift Trio

(Dad, Tommy, & Mark)

Also by Ms. Queener

That night (though out of respect there were no cameras...) We had our seasonal "Last supper" service. There is nothing more Erie and satisfying than hearing the congregation singing and Harmonizing to "Amazing grace" A Capella! Especially when the church is lit only by candles. (Okay and the baptistery light...) But all in all, it was a perfectly wonderful day!

Ps. As I was writing this, my mom called someone who had an add in the paper for weavers! A job to work at home and get paid by the piece! I'm excited! I may have a job that I'll truly enjoy! ...though it won't help much on my reclusiveness....


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Lovely pictures. And congrats on the new job!

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Great pictures! Oooh, I can't wait to see the finished dress!