Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Squire View in All States of Undress

Well upon arriving, it took us a little while to find our inn, even in such a small town, but when we did we were stunned!

It was raining and we pulled into the short drive under the trees. We were greeted by the little yellow house, nearly completely hidden in the foliage and fog. We entered by this little gravel walk and opened the screen door. (which was topped with a lovely but slightly anoying bell.)

Mrs. Emma Greeted us with a warmth and kindness not found in a hotel. We then entered our room, the "Daisy" room.

We had the smallest room in the house, but we had the biggest bathroom.

Lady Weaver was so thrilled with her dress and underdress, she tried it on then and there, and then she didn't take of her Chemise! so She ran around (as Hetty King put it) in all states of undress. These are some pictures of our initial exploration of the house.

In full dress

In "All States"

Of Undress

It was a typical Victorian house, in that the stairs came right down to the front door. To the right was the parlour and to the left was the breakfast room. Beside the stairs, Mrs. Emma had a dutch door set and her "office" behind it. Which was Victorianly dressed with a roll top desk.



Our room was the first one at the top of the stairs. The Nickleby suite was across from us, with the Rose Room next to it and the Dogwood room was across from it. At the end of the hall was a balcony that we used several times for several reasons. The only room we didn't get to see was the Rose Room and it was the one (besides our own) that I wanted to see most.


Nickelby Suite

Dogwood room

For supper we went out to the "Jarrett House" the local Victorian motel. We called here for reservations first, but I was very glad we got the Squire. Anyways, the food was good the Atmosphere was good... but it was VERY pricey... But we enjoyed it.

Anyways, after a romp downtown we went back to the Squire, Took Bubble baths in our Claw foot tub and slept like Babies until morning.

And so here's a teaser of our trip, I know I know! You want to hear about Biltmore itsself, but that will have to wait... we didn't go there until Sunday. :D