Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Book review: Maid to Match by Deeanne Gist

I've struggled with whether to post this or not, but this is my honest opinion. Please don't be angry with me if you read the book and don't agree. You will be fairly warned by the time you've read my post...

Okay, I know, this is different than what I normally do, but this is special. On a lark I picked up this novel at "books a million," Namely because it was set at one of my favourite places in the world, Biltmore Estate in North Carolina. It was on sale for just $2 so I figured what's the harm.

I was extremely skeptical throughout reading it, knowing what modern romances can entail. But I reached the end of the book, and it was completely clean! I was so excited!

It wasn't until later I found out this was a christian author... :/ Which is a mixed blessing. After reading some of the best authors in the world I sometimes find Christian authors to be sadly sub-par. Not so with Deeanne Gist. No she doesn't reach the heights of Jane Austen or the Bronte sisters, but in the world of Modern Christian authors, she's toward the top of the list.
Anyhoo, a little about the book so as to grab your attention;

A young Parlour maid, Tillie Resse, is set for a promotion. A promotion to one of the most prestigious positions in the whole house, ladies maid. A position that would occupy her entire young life. A position that would put her high up on the social pedestal, and set her for life among the wealthy.

You see, the ladies maid could wear expensive clothes, eat rich foods, and travel the world. But it still had it's downsides, as ladies maid she could never marry, and when she was older, usually when the first grey hairs appeared, she would be asked to step down.

But what did she care? She had wanted this her entire life, and she was determined to get it. Until Wild, mountain man Mack Danver stepped into service.

So there's the basics, and I won't tell more for fear of giving too much away.

Now, there is a bit of a warning that goes with this. This isn't a book to be read in grammar school. There is violence and passion alike. So if you're looking for an entirely Salvation centered, Biblically based romance, Read Grace Livingston Hill. (Whom I love by the by, so it's not a degrading remark) This is for someone who wants to read a realistic, relatable romance set in the gilded age.

The best part is, she knows her history, and she knows how to write. I believe, though she may deal with modern, human problems, that she deals with them in a godly manner.
So, if you want to read a book that's like watching a movie, Go pick up a copy of "Maid to Match"

Much Love!

Ps, I read once that books are like food, some are to be devoured (like cake), others chewed over thoughtfully. (Like a roast.) I'm paraphrasing naturally, but this book is definitely a cake book. Don't take it to heart, it's not philosophically grand, like Jane Eyre. This is a book to be enjoyed, and moved on from... though I have read it three times since I bought it...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Meg for reviewing that book for us all, you don't often do that do you? it was a treat to hear about what you've been reading.. espeically since it seems to be quite a bit lighter than the stuff I've been lost in lol.. The book sounds interesting!
I wondered, is it seriously based on fact? is it spot on historically? when does it take place anyhow?
I'm just curious ;)

Thanks again love!

Avonlea_dreamer said...

No I'm always a tad scared to admit my opinion in public. especially of things that may be controversial

It takes place in the 1890's I think, not long after the house was built. And she may not be spot on. some things she explains in the back in a disclaimer. Things she had to change for the book to flow nicely. Like when Mr. and Mrs. Vanderbilt acctually moved into the house. She changed it by a few months. But with everything else, she seems to at least have done her research, and that's a blessed change!