Wednesday, February 15, 2012

God's Gift of Life

For the second year in a row, God has gifted me with growth and life for Valentine's day. On Friday, I received my order from Baker Creek Seeds. It's so exciting to me, after last years struggles with all the pink GMO seeds.

(You can see another little plant in the very back of the row. Also... this has been two days ago I wrote this... they have since TRIPLED in size, nearly every cucumber is up, and I have one little onion poking out of the soil. I'm afraid they're growing TOO fast. I'll have to transplant soon, and if it doesn't warm up I don't know what I'll do with them, any advise? )

Of course the moment I could I put them in the soil. Dad had "Built" me a little hothouse in one of his cabinets, and bought one of those little plastic "Greenhouses" (sadly this one leaks, but it still keeps my seeds warm which is all that matters to me.) I planted everything that needed to be started beforehand, Tomatoes, onions, broccoli, ect. Well, I also decided to go ahead and start my cucumbers. We had a lot of trouble with them last year, and even then we'd bought plants.

To my surprise, I went to the cupboard today to plant the last three "Rows" and what do you think? I had two little cucumbers peeping up out of the soil! I was expecting them to take at least a week, but no, three days!

Thank you God, for my wonderful Valentine's gift! Here's to two years in a row!


Anonymous said...

Ooooh! what a wonderful spring post, I loved it, thank you!
I'm glad your Valentines day was nice, and I'm happy your seeds came! Bet you're really happy, Baker Creek pachages everything so beautifully ;)
I'm seriously envious of everything your seeds and plants are doing while we're living in the arctic after our spring-ish winter.. now to be hit with cold weather when spring was in my grasp..*cries*
It must be so awesome there in Tennessee, wish I was there!
It looks like your plants can stay where they are for a long time yet, they can get really tall and stuff if the need to if you can't transplant them right away, better late than early anyhow!
and I suppose that's all the advice I can give because I can't actually see what they're like right now!

Avonlea_dreamer said...

Well Those two little cucumbers, plus one more are in bigger pots now and look wonderful! They've gotten their fair share of natural sunlight lately too. I've been carrying them all out in the sun under some greenhouse tops.

And that little black container is now full to BURSTING with long spindly little seedlings. That's one reason I've been keeping them out so much. But they seem healthy enough otherwise. :D