Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A New Look! (For me!)


As most of you well know, I've had a long love affair with Red hair. I've always wanted that Irish tone, but never had the courage to take that leap.

Well... I did. I chose something that just had more of a hint of red, rather than something that would blow people away by the change.

Personally, it's the color I've always dreamed of having.

What do you think?


Lady B said...

lovely! Of course.
I'm thinking of doing something since March is here.

Stephanie Ann said...

It's cute. It would still look good if you decided to go brighter in a few months.

Calenmarwen said...

Honestly, it looks natural. Lovely hair there!

Anonymous said...

You know it's beautiful, but it must be these pictures.. I've looked and looked (and drooled and drooled over those curls!) at it and I still can't possibly see the red.. it just looks like my hair, only much prettier, very soft, shiny, and smooth (just like what I'd want mine to look like more often!)
But kudos on dying it, I still love it even if I can't see the red :)


Avonlea_dreamer said...

Aw! Thanks all!! (Cali I'm so glad you found me!!)

And Kate, I switched back to normal shampoo... I'm using herbal essance...