Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fruits of our Labour

I realized recently that as I was spinning I was piling up, quarter skein after quarter skein of finished yarn. It was all made from different wools, since I was trying to figure out what I liked best. I sent some of it to knitting friends, but I still had pleanty left over.

So I decided to see what the web offered when it came to vintage knitting and crochet patterns. I was so happy to find This original, 1899 crochet Tam pattern. FREE!

The instructions, so far have been easy to follow, but you do need to know some basics about crocheting in the round. It gives what I call "Amish instructions" Have you ever bought an Amish cookbook, and found that they just sort of expect you to know some things? It doesn't spell everything out for you. But still, someone who has done very little crochet could work this pattern.

Mind you it is the second one on the page rather than the first. The first one is older and it REALLY expects you to know how to do things. It's more of a guideline than instructions.
Anyhoo, this Tam is (half) made with 100% Falkland wool, and I'm finding that homespun wool is the softest most enjoyable yarn I've ever worked with. It was one of the first I ever did, so it does have quite a bit of variation in size, but once it's been worked, you can hardly tell the difference. :D

We're having a women's group meeting next week, and Crochet is part of the order of the day. So I'm hoping to finish it then.

Until next time!

Ps. The yarn on my weasel is another quarter skein of Falkland, which I'll use part of to finish off the hat.


Anonymous said...

Seriously Meggie you amaze me!
LOOK at all this cool stuff you're up to these days? what a inspiration...You're really being an Industrious Little Fairy ;) I'm really liking all your posts!

and fwiw; anytime you get some amish instructions with cooking or whatever I can help you out if you ever need me to! I'm afraid I can't help out with the crochet ones.. crochet not being one of my talents lol. I'm lost! How do you even go about making that tam?
It's beautiful anyhow :)

Avonlea_dreamer said...

Haha well usually it's things like "Bake on medium heat until brown" instead of "on 450% for 50 minutes" (complete example theere, not acctual fact) So they aren't that hard to overcome. :D

Same witht the crochet. If you know how to go to the next row, then you're good. :D