Monday, April 19, 2010

A Not So Secret Garden

Hello, chicadees! 

This is Lady Weaver from Wanderlust Requiem. I told Brain my plan to commandeer Meggie's blog would work... *evil laughter resonates in the background*

Alright, I'm not really evil... and I'm just joking about taking over the world blog. However, I am standing in for Meggie - with permission of course - in her absence from a computer. I have a few days worth of posts, and I am looking forward to passing them along to you!

Enough of that! Let's get on to her "letters:"


My dearest bloggers!

Oh! to tell you what all I have been doing this last week!

 Thomi (the gender confused cat - ask Lady Weaver to explain this comment to you) in the garden.

Okay so I can sum it all up in one word, Gardening!!

I wish what all I had done would show in pictures! but alas it is mostly underground yet... behind my house is a modest amount of open space. About six years ago I planted a rosemary plant and a Lavender plant. Both were about six inches tall. The lavender is now about nine inches and the lavender is about eighteen inches. I went out there about a week and a half ago and they were about to be overtaken by honeysuckle! (I thought it was wild strawberry, but Dad assures me it's honesuckle) So I started pulling, and I began to yank, then a few days later I got a handsaw and started on the two foot tall pine trees that were also taking over. I was about to run out of things to pull, and I was really getting tired, when I thought of something. My mom had planted Daffodils all over the place, and she had planted six by a rock behind the house. That rock is now surrounded by a gay youth of trees. The Dafodils were still there, but not getting near enough sun to bloom. 'Why not replant them?' I thought. Well six has turned into about thirty-six. I only have half of them done, and I need another softening rain to finish.

 My hyacinths.

But, as I was planting, Marmee and I were talking and began thinking of something I could plant in between them that would bloom just after the daffodills went away. Lillys, she said and Lilly-of-the-valley I concurred. ;D So later when we went to Wal-mart I saw they had two pretty pink Lilly-of-the-Valleys for $5. A little too expensive for that day, but then I looked up, they had eight white ones for the same price! So Home they came along with a packet of assorted wildflowers.

This is the part where I back up just a bit to say about a month ago, I bought two packets of herbs, Sage and Thyme, to start indoors in ice cube trays, (Ingenius idea by the way) The sage is doing very well, I have about five that are flourishing in a big pot. The thyme all ran out of water and died while I was in Kentucky, sadly. So, To catch up, when I planted my lillies the other day, I made another little plot for my thyme.

 Time for a Thyme bed. (This is where you smack Lady Weaver for her silly and slightly awkward puns)

Whew lots of work! Done you say? Oh no! Today, we went back to Wal-mart and Marmee let me come home with my two precious Pink lillies! And! A package of Forget-me-nots! And this afternoon, in the ground they went!

I must brag a bit and say what good the sunshine is doing for me! (not to mention the 'SON'shine. ;D) I feel Livlier than I have in years, and there's not a moment I feel as if I don't have to be outside. Whether I'm sitting in a chair reading, sitting on the ground pulling up little bits of roots and shoots, or doing something active and useful, there's barely been a moment I haven't been out there.


Pepper Root nestled beside my garden.

Anyone else enjoying the fruits of their gardens yet? We're working on getting a vegetable garden going next week. (dances excitedly)
Please comment! I would love to hear from you!

Until then!
God Bless!


Anonymous said...


I LOVE TO GARDEN! I've proudly gardened since I was 8! every year, I am still excited!