Thursday, April 1, 2010

Two Fort Stories

Well the second story is headed up quite nicely.

I got tenderly pink out in my modern t-shirt yesterday so today I went out in all my civil war finery again.

It's getting more and more diffucult to get the logs where they go. they're heavier and bigger now and each layer up the slide poles get that much steeper. but they've not got that many more to do.

Then it's on to the roof and the chinking.

This afternoon though we had a bit of a grand time, one of the ladies with the historical society picked my mother and I up and took us on a tour of their little town. So many beautiful old homes! and churches! Sadly no pictures as we stayed in the car, but maybe I can talk her into letting me get some next week. One was a wonderful old civil war era home and I'd love to bring out the hoopskirt and get some nice photos!

But anyways sprinkled throughout this entry are pictures from today.


Emily said...

It is looking so wonderful! I have been catching up on your blog these past few days and reading all you have been up to! It's been so much fun! I am finally feeling less of the morning sickness and not so tired - and love catching up with my blog friends!

Have a blessed Easter!

Peacefulmom said...

Oh, how divine to find a kindred spirit! We're originally from Montana, and recently transplanted to KY. Now living in a suburb, our rustic roots are taking hold and baffling our new city friends. We love all things historical too!
I've now become a devout follower of your blog, courtesy of Lady Weaver stumbling onto my blog and leaving a lovely comment. Looking forward to more news of your adventures.

Avonlea_dreamer said...

Emily: Thanks so much! I'm glad you're enjoying it! I sure am! And I'm glad to hear it's getting easier, I hope God blesses you with a continued easy time and a Beautiful Baby to follow. :D

Peace: I'm so glad you like it! I'll have to check yours out pretty soon! There's more to come as soon as I can get it all posted!