Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh, I Could Write a Sonnet!

Okay, so once I told you that my aunt made a mistake and ordered me the Sense and Sensibility 1910's tea gown instead of the 1914 afternoon dress for my Biltmore trip. She let me keep the first one, she said as a late Birthday presant. I hadn't had a chance to use it until now.

My local Wal-mart has recnetly downsized it's fabric department. *Sniffle* but it's okay, I got a great deal and they're putting in a JoAnnes across the road. Anyways the great deal was this really pretty latice and blue flowered print fabric. A little over a doller a yard! So I came home with four! One yard went into two very pretty pillow-cases for my bed, and he rest went into my Easter Dress. There is a small crocheted lace around the cuffs and it has a dark blue herringbone stitch to attach the lace and across the insert. It also has handmade eyelets in the back and is laced with a light blue ribbon.

I love it!! It's very comfy! And it's the first long dress I've been able to wear out in public!! *Uber excited!*

If you buy the pattern, I do reccomend using a Larger size on the bodice. maybe not the insert, but the rest, at least on me, was a little bit tight.

Other than that, I completely reccomend it!!

My Grandpa! Isn't he the sweetest! When I came out in my hat, he said "Wait! I have one too!" And he was so cool when I jokingly handed him my parasol! Hehe. :D


Peacefulmom said...

Beautifully done! Where did you purchase the parasol? I've been looking for one for my daughter.

I shop at JoAnn Fabrics all the time. Sign up for their flyers and e-mail to get their great coupons. You can use several coupons at the same time...only one for each item, though. The quilting cottons have a lot of regency and victorian vintage looking patterns.

Rachel Addison said...

luv the dress ! what was the pattern ?!

Avonlea_dreamer said...

Thanks Peacful! I actually got my Parasol on Ebay, I can't remember what seller exactly. But if you do a search you can come up with a whole bunch, in every color imaginable. Some even come with a matching fan! Mine was about $30 and I don't know shipping because my Aunt bought it for me for graduation. :D

And Raechel, It's from Sense and Sensibility patterns, (there's a link above) And it's the 1910's tea gown. :D

Thanks for the comments you two!!