Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Springy Leaf Pile

Well I kept the boys last week for about an hour. To keep them busy, I decided to give them a fun job that would make their Daddy proud to see them do.

I saw an errant leaf pile that instantly captured my attention.

So we walked around back and grabbed my garden rakes and I gave them one command. Make it bigger!

Once they did, I yelled now JUMP!

Thay had an absolute blast! enjoy the pics!!

Oh! Ps. I've run across a VERY good read. I'm not a parent yet, but a mennonite family that, well six or seven years ago, had twelve or thirteen kids, Gave my mom these child care books.

I picked them up recently on a lark and I have enjoyed them immensely!! They're called "No Greater Joy" By Mike and Debi Pearl. They tell it like it is, and though there's some points that society's oppinion made me balk at, when I do get married and have children, I'll refer to their books for advice.

So I hope everyone's days are good!



Miss Heidi said...

I've put the advice from "To Train Up A Child" to good use over the years. Their book, "Jumping Ship", is excellent also. If you're interested in herbs, their daughter, Shoshanna runs an online herb store. Navigate around her site and read her articles on healing with herbs. I've been making tinctures for a few years now, and swear by them. The No Greater Joy website... has excellent articles on garlic, herbs, etc. too. I don't know much about their doctrine but all their marriage, child training, herbal advice is outstanding.

Avonlea_dreamer said...

ooh! thank you for reminding me! I have meant to check out their website. And everything else sounds great as well. :D