Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Alas 18 years is a short time to live among such excellent and admirable hobbits.

Yes as of tomorrow I will have lived on this crazy planet 18 years. There's so much to say about it... and yet nothing... so I won't go on.

Today was a day full of amazement!

I walked down to the mill to see what Dad was doing. He wasn't down there so I walked back toward the house. As I did I looked up, and there were FIVE hawks! (Wich just so happen to be a favorite of mine. :D) I was so excited! I've seen four in one day before, but that was on a drive and they were spaced out over miles.

According to the celts when you saw a hawk it meant there was something in your life coming up that you would really have to concentrate on, you know a crossroads.... See my first statement..

Dad seems to think they were a family group and the Babies hadn't left yet... I'm not sure.

But anyways Once I got to the house I heard him pull in, so I walked back down... mostly to tell him about the hawks. :D

As I did I saw another, so I grabbed the binoculars out of the truck to look at it. (It may have been from the same group so I'm not counting it as another.)

On a lark, after it had flown out of site, I kept looking at the other flying objects in the sky at the time. I saw what I thought were buzzards, but when dad looked at them he noticed one had a white tail! (So I'm thinking new breed of buzzard lol) As we watched the bird suddenlt folded up it's wings and nose dived out of site!

Sometime in the past year, Dolly parton released a few eagles in our area... this was one!So Not only did I see 5 (or 6) hawks today, I saw two eagles! How exciting was that!!!

pics not mine... still no camera...


Sabine said...

Reading this post to the 'Heartland' music was a treat!

I wish you a very happy birthday!

Elinor Dashwood said...

That is AWESOME! We recently saw a bald eagle around here too. That is so neat!
Happy birthday! :-)

Storied Seasoning said...

CHICA!!!! I meant to call you at midnight...:/ I sowwy =_=

Anyway, Happy 18th Birthday!!!!! *glomps* I shall see you on Saturday ^_^

Ashley said...

Cool! What an awesome experience to have!
Have a very Happy 18th Birthday!

Avonlea_dreamer said...

Thanks everyone!! I'll post more about it tonight.. we'll see how today goes. And yes, it was awesome! They're the first in the area in... centuries?